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36Horse Head Filet Doily

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  • Julie Bolduc
    Apr 23, 2001
      Hi There!

      I just wanted to let you know a new free pattern as well as 4 members only
      patterns have been added to the site since my last notice to you. If you
      are a paid member of the JPF Crochet Club, you will need to get out your
      username and password for the patterns marked with Members Only.

      The details are listed below. :)


      Horse Head Filet Doily Added: April 23, 2001 Free
      This filet pattern is the result of a request awhile back for a horse done
      in filet. The resulting size of this doily makes it nice to use as a panel
      for a pillow or even a sewn placemat. Or you can leave it as is to dress up
      any night stand or end table.

      Tunisian Drawstring Bag Added: April 19, 2001 Members Only
      This drawstring bag is just the right size to hold small items like a pouch
      of tissues, lipstick, credit cards and a few other small essentials you may
      want to have with you when you go out and you do not want to carry a big
      bulky purse. It is also just the right size to hold a deck of cards and a
      note pad which you can use away from home if you are into playing cards for

      Lacy Cross Bookmark Added: April 9, 2001 Members Only
      This cross bookmark is made starting at the center then each "leg" is made
      from each side separately. It is a fairly fast and easy bookmark to make and
      you could make at least a couple in an evening.

      Fashion Doll Dressy Poncho Added: March 23, 2001 Members Only
      This little poncho is fast and easy to make. It starts with a ring and is wo
      rked in the round. Once you make one of these, you will want to try to make
      one for yourself or for your kids! It is easy to adjust for real people!
      Just switch to yarn and make sure the starting ring fits over the person's
      head. There is also another version, for regular people, made with vsts, in
      the miscellaneous section!

      Lacy Shells Scrunchie Added: March 21, 2001 Members Only
      This lacy scrunchie is fairly fast and easy to make. You could make several
      in an evening and you could actually use 2 different colored yarns for
      beautiful effects.

      Julie A. Bolduc julie@...
      JPF Crochet Club
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