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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    Jan 22, 2010
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      Hi Everyone!
      The point tracker has been causing problems with the site so the people who host the site
      disabled the site temporarily.  It is back up now but I have to reduce the number of pages that the
      tracker is on so there won't be as much load on the server.
      I am removing the tracker from all of the newsletter pages except for the current month of January 2010.
      Part of my monthly routine on the 1st of each month will be to remove the tracker from each day's newsletter page
      for the previous month.  I am sorry I have to do this but I don't want my site to go down again.
      Please do not go to the previous month's newsletter pages with the intention of getting points.
      Only go there if you really want to read a previous day's newsletter.
      I will be posting today's newsletter after I get back from my doctor's appointment after lunch.
      Julie A. Bolduc
      Owner, JPF Crochet Club & Paper Bead Crafts