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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    Sep 5, 2000
      I am writing this to answer some questions that were asked and to clear some
      stuff up.

      It seems I may have written in the pattern link wrong so here is the correct
      url. Sorry about that.

      One question that was asked is what other lists do I have.
      I have 3 that pertain to jpfun.com

      Our discussion group which is jpfun@egroups.com.
      Free Pattern Notices JPF Free Patterns. Not a discussion group.
      JPFun Whats Up Newsletter. Not a discussion group. Just a monthly

      I have gotten mixed messages about what I should do. Some are upset that I
      am considering moving the lists, some say they will follow where ever I put
      the lists and others have given me suggestions of other list servers to look

      Thank you for all of your comments on this. :)
      What ever I decide to do, you will not need to do a thing except if you are
      a member of the discussion group, you will need to change the email address
      to the new one. But don't worry about that now. I will not delete the
      lists at eGroups until after I decide where to move the lists.

      Just so you will know, I have decided to move the lists.
      I just have not decided which list server to use yet.
      I will research a few today then decide tonight.

      I just did not want to do anything without letting you know first.
      This will give you a chance to unsubscribe if you want to before the move.
      I will send out a message to you as soon as I decide.

      Julie A. Bolduc
      For free crochet patterns and more go to:
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