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13Soda Can Cover

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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    Aug 10, 2000
      Hi There!
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      I have just posted 1 new free pattern and 2 new Members Only patterns on the

      I have also posted a new Free Pattern Sampler .pdf file on the site. It is
      different from the one that was there before if you remember it being there.
      The sampler has 15 patterns in it. All of the patterns are available on the
      site. Some are free but most are from the Members Only area. One from each
      of the 15 categories of patterns I design in.
      You will find information about the sampler at
      You will need to request the actual url of the download link to get the
      sampler. I want to keep track of how many downloads of the file it gets.
      You will be able to request the url right from the page above.

      Soda Can Cover Free
      This cover is a result of a request by one of our site's visitors. It is
      really easy to make and you can complete it in an afternoon. It's just the
      thing you need to keep your fingers from getting too cold from the icy
      cold-wet can.

      For Members Only
      Shell Stitch Drawstring Bag Paid
      This lustrous bag is great for any semi formal occasion. If you made one in
      white, it can be used as a wedding reception bag for the bride. And this is
      quick enough to make a one for each bride's made in the color that would
      match their gowns. It is made in 3 sections. The main part of the bag is
      made first, then the bottom is made and stitched on, then the casing and top
      are made last on the first round that is made.

      Peek-A-Boo Square Paid
      This square has a little peek hole in the center of it and also the white
      yarn on the last round peeks through the red yarn. So I could not think of a
      better name. Imagine this square done in green white and red or 2 shades of
      blue with white for the December holidays.

      Julie A Bolduc
      ICQ#22877303 jbolduc@...
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      Owner of the JPF Crochet Club