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104CD Drawstring Bag

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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    May 24, 2005
      Hi Everyone!
      I just wanted to let you know I just uploaded a brand new pattern
      for a drawstring bag that uses an old CD as it's base! Enjoy! You
      can get to it with the link below. Just click on the image of it to
      go to it.


      If you are not yet a member, or your membership expired, you can
      become a member for just $2.95 per month. There are now over 640
      original patterns and I am adding several new ones per week.

      I have even started to add filet charts. I do hope to add a few per
      week. Maybe not 5 but at least 2.

      You can sign up by going to http://www.jpfun.com/store/index.shtml

      Julie A. Bolduc
      Owner JPF Crochet Club http://www.jpfun.com