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Re: New Here Introduction

Deanna, Ahalen wa sahalen! I'm sorry that you came to Jordan out of difficult circumstances (we spent our first 3-4 years overseas evacuating a number of
Cara Key
Jun 9, 2011

Re: New Here Introduction

Dear Deanna, Sorry to hear you can't return to Yemen, but welcome to Jordan. We have 4 children; Girl age 9, Girl age 7, boy age 5, and little one due any day.
Jun 9, 2011

New Here Introduction

Hello ladies! We are new to Amman. Have been here for about 3 months. We were living in Yemen, but due to the situation, we left and came here, waiting for
Jun 9, 2011

Re: Jordan history books

Hi Cara, We have never done a unit on Jordanian history and I don't know of any books for children ( (though there very well may be some by now) but below are
Melissa Manning
Jun 2, 2011

Jordan history books

Has anyone done a unit on Jordanian history? We're studying Jordanian/Middle Eastern history 2nd semester of this year, and I'm looking to buy any books that I
Cara Key
May 30, 2011

Re: End of School Year Gathering

While we're not in Jordan for a gathering right now, we will return at the beginning of July and move to Amman during the following 6-8 weeks. We look forward
Cara Key
May 16, 2011

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Does anyone have any of the DVD's for Institute for Excellence in Writing? I'm looking at using this program with my upcoming 7th grader and was hoping to find
Cara Key
May 16, 2011

End of School Year Gathering

Hello. I'm new to the group but not to Amman. I've been here for 2 1/2 years. This was our first year to homeschool here, and I'm excited that we will be
May 1, 2011

Re: activities/groups in Amman

Melissa, I had a feeling you'd be an abundant source of answers. :-) Sad to hear we will not cross paths regularly in Amman, but it sounds like you are
Cara Key
Apr 5, 2011

Re: activities/groups in Amman

Hi Cara, Nice to hear from you! As you are moving to Amman, we will be, God willing, moving to Mafraq! Just this weekend I was talking with a new homeschooler
Melissa Manning
Apr 5, 2011

activities/groups in Amman

I know this group hasn't been very active as of late, but I thought I'd start with this forum for some questions I have. We have been nominally involved in the
Cara Key
Apr 5, 2011

Arabic Tutoring

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer at the baseball/soccer field this past Friday and she mentioned that she is looking for an Arabic tutor for her and her
May 23, 2010

Re: Roll Call

Dear Heidi and all, It's nice to hear from you Heidi--I didn't even know if you were still in Jordan as I haven't seen you for awhile! Maybe I'll see you at
Mar 31, 2010

Roll Call

Hi Everyone, I'd just like to see who is out there. Now that we have so many families in the area that are homeschooling, let's try to have some semblance of a
Mar 31, 2010

Re: New Member

I completely forgot to answer my own questions: our children are Malachi (10 1/2), Jonah (almost 8), Magdalyn (6 1/2), Zachariah (3 1/2) and Jeremiah (due in
Cara Key
May 24, 2009
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