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Cincy Show 7/25/06!!

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  • joncainfan@aol.com
    Hi Everyone, Went to Cincy on Tuesday and saw Journey and DL. AWESOME show!! My friend Chris talked me into the All Access 5 Star Package. Glad I did!! :-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2006
      Hi Everyone,
      Went to Cincy on Tuesday and saw Journey and DL. AWESOME show!! My friend Chris talked me into the All Access 5 Star Package. Glad I did!! :-)


      No Steve Augeri. That was a bummer. Jeff Scott Soto did a pretty awesome job. He does have an awesome voice. But, he should be in a hard rocking band, not Journey. His stage moves, some offensive, did not fit in with the band. Other then that, awesome set. Deen ended up singing, Faithfully, Open Arms and Who's Crying Now. I knew he could sing, but WOW!!! I was so impressed, I did some video of all three songs. I was almost in front of Jonathan Cain, which made me very happy!! Speaking of!! Part of the 5 star package was some drinks, food, gifts, raffle items. AND!! Meeting some of the band members. Jonathan, Neal, and Deen came out at the very end (before we went to our seats). Said a quick hi and the next thing I knew it, was standing next to Jonathan, arms around each other for the group pic.  Pics and videos are posted. See below links!!

      I look forward to the Columbus show in September. I am still praying Steve Augeri is there. Missed his on stage finesse and voice. OK, looks too!! LOL!!

      Pics are here!!


      Oh, I completely forgot who the opening act was. He just played a few songs. Phil, Jonathan (KICKING on the harmonica) and Neal came out to help him on one song.

      My group pic!!
      I was thinking during the show, Deen and Jonathan should have done all the vocals.  Chris after the show thought Deen should have came out from behind the drums and sing, and have a different drummer.  Idea!!  But, drums is Deen's thing.  I thought, how about Deen doing it all.  OK, we don't want to kill Deen!!  LOL!! 
      I hope Steve is doing better.  I sure missed him. 
      I did get the Detroit show on CD (both Journey and DL) which was posted on DIME.  If anyone wants a copy, let me know. 
      Have a great weekend!!   

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