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      Attention Chicago Area Fans!

      Borders in Oak Park, IL will be hosting a Jonathan Cain Listening Party to highlight Namaste and Bare Bones. We'd love to have all of you Windy City patrons join us. The first 6 people will receive an autographed CD.

      Please join us on Tuesday, October 7th at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

      Borders Oak Park
      1144 W. Lake St.
      Oak Park, IL 60301


      Site Updates

      The theme for jonathancain.com this Fall/Holiday season will be:

      "When The Spirit Comes"

      We'll be launching all the new and exciting updates on October 1st. And we want your input. Drop me a line at tracy@... and let us know what *your* definition of spirit is. And on October 1st we'll share ours with you!


      Charity Raffle

      We've decided to forego the usual contests this season. Instead, in the spirit of compassion and giving we'll be hosting a raffle to benefit worthy childrens' causes.

      We've got some fun prizes that every Jonathan Cain/Journey fan will want to add to their collections. Including a very rare and unique item we know you're going to love! Check the site for details beginning October 1st!


      jonathancain.com Store

      We're reopening our doors for the Fall season. To ensure Holiday deliveries we'll take orders from October 1st to December 1st. International orders we'll take til November 21st.

      Orders for jonathancain.com T-Shirts will also be available to order from October 1st to November 1st. Every Jonathan Cain fan should have one of these in their wardrobe! Hit our homepage to see our model Deen Castronovo proudly sporting his! :)


      Whale Watching

      As promised we're going Whale Watching! Jonathan's keyboard tech Brent will show us what it takes to get "Orca" up and running. Brent let Rhonda and I tag along for a day during the Main Event Tour to see the step by step process. We learned a lot! And we can't wait to share it with all of you! Truth be told...we think we may have taught Brent a few things about set up too! ;)
      Watch for the fun and games portion we'll be launching!

      There is also a new glossary to help out those of us who may not understand all those technical terms. Thanks, Brent!


      OCTOBER 1st....www.jonathancain.com is the place to be!!!!

      Thank you for supporting Jonathan and the site. We appreciate it!

      Creative Director
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