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    This from my Higher Octave newsletter. HIGHER OCTAVE MUSIC Newsflash Friday, August 3, 2001 Look for the NEW Evolution 19 Summer Catalog coming to your snail
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2001
      This from my Higher Octave newsletter.

      Friday, August 3, 2001

      Look for the NEW Evolution 19 Summer Catalog coming to your snail mailbox
      soon! Or, sign up to receive your very own copy NOW!!!

      JIMMY SOMMERS / 360 Urban Groove sizzles on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz
      charts; moving up to #12!!! Sax sensation featuring great guest artists: Les
      Nubians, Sparkle, Ginuwine, Raphael Saadiq and more! Click here to sample
      some tracks, or purchase online:

      In this issue:
      NEW...NEAL SCHON / Voice - Check out the latest from this veteran Journey and
      Santana guitarist, and Higher Octave recording artist. (use link below)

      NEW...CHRIS SPHEERIS / Best of 1990-2000 - Chris moves to #15 on Billboard's
      Top Current New Age chart. Watch for Chris on QVC in September, more info to
      follow. (use link below)

      NEW...SHILTS / See What Happens - Soulful sax man from Down To The Bone
      (DTTB) Paul "Shilts" Weimar debuts on Higher Octave Jazz. (use link below)

      NEW...ESPERANZA / II - Spanish nylon-string guitar pulsates with Iberian,
      techno infused beats. (use link below)

      NEW website features:
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      Listen to the music, samples...

      Find out about specials, tour dates, and more...
      NEAL SCHON / Voice
      The melodies in Voice are Neal's, yet not his at all. Voice is a tribute to
      his peers and the melodies that they have performed, written and have
      affected his life.  The ten songs presented on this album have been performed
      by a diverse set of artists. From Andrea Bocelli to Annie Lennox, from Bryan
      Adams to Bonnie Raitt, from Leon Russell to Mariah Carey, and have been
      interpreted by Neal and his guitar to create an exquisitely balanced,
      emotionally charged instrumental collection.

      CHRIS SPHEERIS / Best of 1990-2000
      Composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Spheeris has drawn from a wide range
      of musical flavors for over a decade of musical achievement. This latest
      release features 15 exquisite tracks from previous recordings plus 2 new
      bonus tracks. Look for stylized blending that ranges from Pop to Classical,
      layered with the blended and exotic World-Beat sounds inspired from his
      worldwide travels. 

      SHILTS / See What Happens
      After a taste of musical fame at a young age (16), saxophonist Paul "Shilts"
      turned professional, getting regular work in nightclubs backing international
      cabaret acts including The Temptations, Drifters, Four Tops, and Rose Royce.
      The result of his evolving efforts pay-off handsomely on this deft foray into
      the world of Jazz! Check it out as Shilts punches-out a highly stylized,
      energizing expression session on this evocative Higher Octave Smooth Jazz
      solo debut.

      Following the success of his first Higher Octave release, Carlos Villalobos'
      latest album, II, continues to fashion global dance grooves hand-in-hand with
      the resounding textures of the Spanish, nylon-string guitar. Here, Hip-Hop
      rhythms of urban America, along with the pulsating Techno thumps of Europe's
      hottest dance clubs are seasoned with the ardor of Iberian peninsular.


      For more tour dates, info about other Higher Octave artists, and to enter to
      win 10 FREE CD's, visit us @ http://www.higheroctave.com  'As in music...so
      in life'

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