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Re: [jonathancain] Talk Of Journey At Styx Show

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  • joncainfan@aol.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 19 9:47 AM
      << Being a huge Styx fan I am so glad you liked them so well! I hope to catch
      them again in Aug.......I'll see both Styx and Journey in Aug! What a month! >>

      Karen, lucky girl!!! I want to come out to CA to see those shows!! Styx was just awesome. I love the new lineup. Lawrence Gowan is doing an excellent job!!!

      My Journey shows were awesome too!!! Columbus, I was 1st row, dead center. Steve sang to me at one point. I just about pooped my pants!! My Jonathan looked and sounded awesome!! In Cincinnati (3rd row, dead center), he saw me taking pictures and even gave me a funny smile. He is such a sweetheart!! He looked relaxed at both shows, which I never really thought he was very relaxed at the previous years shows. And, if Ross' face doesn't freeze!! That man made I don't know how many faces. 100's!!! Neal needs to relax more. He looks tense. Deen is the man!!! Cool drum kit. And Steve is just excellent. The singing, the dancing (OH MY!!!), the pants. I better stop. The more the years go by, I'm loving him even more and more. Watch out Jonathan!! LOL!!!

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