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Re: Talking e-mail (SERIOUSLY)

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  • Joseph Costa
    Thanks for the info. Think I just may check it out.----- Original Message ----- From: kayleigh Joe Costa To: Country & Pop List
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 16, 1999
      Thanks for the info. Think I just may check it out.----- Original
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      Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 8:56 AM
      Subject: [jonathancain] Talking e-mail (SERIOUSLY)

      > From: "kayleigh" <kayleigh@...>
      > Hey there everyone. OK, first, know you're talking about "uh oh, huge
      > message", BUT I NEVER DO THIS. I'm only doing it because you HAVE to check
      > out http://www.coolemail.com
      > This lets you access your e-mails through the PHONE. What you do is set up
      > an account and then it also lets you access your REGULAR account (so you
      > don't have to stop using it, you KNOW how many times I"ve changed
      > addresses), BUT now when you access this account through coolemail, you
      > TALKING mails. I'm serious. This iS FREE (the ads pay for it). I did it
      > myself about 4 times today to check to see if it was real. When you go
      > through, make sure to enter your member number in the phone, then your
      > password. THEN it goes through a directory listing. You can listen to all
      > your mails, delete them, AND (GRIN) reply to the mails. What this does is
      > send a SOUND FILE to the person you are replying, so they hear it in a
      > file, instead of an actual e-mail. (Yeah, downfall if you're using web tv,
      > but otherwise, everyone else gets a sound file, NOT a typical e-mail)
      > i've seen people use Sprint PCS with e-mail access, but this is easier,
      > A lot cheaper (cuz it's free). Just wanted to pass some cool stuff along
      > let others share the fun! When you delete all the mails from your
      > account, it STILL STAYS on your regular ISP internet mail account, so you
      > always have another copy on your other account (thus you don't lose
      > anything)
      > Sorry if anyone has been offended by this, BUT I've learned of AOL IM,
      > Pager, ICQ and a ton of other cool stuff (Net Meeting is another one)
      > to other friends, and thought maybe I would share the wealth. I read a
      > PAGE ad in USA Today yesterday, so thought it'd be kinda neat.
      > thanks, hope you enjoy like I did. It's a trip!
      > dan
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