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857Re: [jonathancain] want to recycle old journey or other t-shirts to blankets/pillows/quilts?

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  • barbie doll
    Feb 26, 2006
      mary8452001 <mary845@...> wrote:
      Mary Ivers, an accomplished seamstress, and wife of former journey tour
      manager, Rindell Ivers, has started a business of converting journey
      and other t-shirts into pillows/blankets and quilts. It's a way for the
      person to revive the t-shirt and be able to keep it around for display.
      She would use a t-shirt fabric and padding it as much as the customer
      would want if at all.

      Mary has already made several for friends of band members and they were
      highly pleased.  It can be made from any type of t-shirt.

      If you are interested in having any t-shirts made to these, you may
      contact Mary who will supply you the information and pricing directly
      to you.  You may email her at Rin707@....

      Mary Ann Bohne


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