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845girl in love

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  • djevey
    Jun 8, 2004
      I,m in love not with you but a wonderful man. His name is Everett
      Shuper. We have been together 5 years now. We works with Farrow
      Shows, oh by the way ,lol, We are in love with your music. My dream
      is to ask him to marry me while you guys are playing the song
      Faithfully, but say Faithfully Evey. Thats my nickname for him. You
      are playing in Burington,IW Friday. My love of my life has been on
      Farrow Shows 20 years this year. He's been on the show since he was
      14. Everett is 34 now. My name is Lisa Jackson Im 25 years old. As
      they say the road is no place to start a family , loveing a music
      man an always whats its sophist to be ohhhhhhhhhh girl stand by me.
      I'll always stand by him.

      Love Aways Your
      Fan Faithfully
      Girl In Love
      Lisa Jackson