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84Re: digest version and other stuff...

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  • TIBUREN@xxx.xxx
    Jan 20 4:42 PM
      I thought and thought about the questions.....so here goes
      If Jonathan weren't in music what else does he think he would be doing?
      Who were his first influences and who is he listening to know?
      Other than family, what other things inspire his music and lyrics?
      If he gets a chane to read novels what are his favorite kinds and fav authors?
      how has the past 10 years changed him (with getting married and having a
      Will we ever see him do a solo show promoting a new vocal cd?
      ok....I will leave it at that.
      A prize? As the others have said, being realistic...and autographed photo? How
      bout a phone call..altho I think I might be tongue tied!
      Have a good one you all!
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