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  • Monker
    Jan 20, 1998
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      What do I need to do to switch to the digest version of this list?

      Favorite Jon song: Hmm, probably either "Distant Shores" or "Little
      River". It just seems to me that those are two incredibly well written
      songs, lyricaly, musicaly, every way...Actually, the entire "Back to the
      Innocence" album is like that, IMO. Don't know if I'd want to choose a
      favotite song Jonathan wrote with Journey...if I HAD to, I'd probably
      choose Faithfuly, since I know it's all his writing.

      Jonathan in the Babys: I have a video of the Babys with Jonathan doing
      a concert in Canada in 1980 or so...Jonathan does a really cool synth
      solo and a sings a song called "Stick to Your Guns" (or something close
      to that). If anybody knows if/where that song exists on CD, I'd REALLY
      appreciate the info!

      Steve Perry's hip : If we start down that path this will turn into a
      Perry list REAL quick! There is a Steve Perry Email list and a Journey
      list...I believe you can find info on how to join either of these (or
      both!) on Jasparina's Journey Fan site.
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