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  • JonCainFan@xxx.xxx
    Sep 19, 1999
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      Hey Everyone,

      I apologize for not keeping up with this list this summer. Thanks to Barb
      and Rhonda for their webpage updates. Great pictures!!

      This summer we had ALOT of people join the list. So, I want to welcome
      everyone aboard. It's been a great summer. Now, we have a little down time.
      We just have to wait for that CD to come out!!

      I have been working on my webpage. I hope to get it up sometime in the near
      future. I have alot of great pictures from the Columbus show I went to in
      June. Including some excellent shots of Jon. I must say, he just keeps
      getting better looking as he gets older!!

      If anyone has stories or ideas for conversation on the list, please speak up.
      I will be going to a record show next Saturday. So, I may have some news to
      report back. Meaning, I may have found something really cool!!

      I hope everyone's summer was OK. HOT!! But, OK here.

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