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Re: [jomox] Anyone know what happen to Jürgen?

Nothing to worry about I guess. Jürgen is extremly busy. It took him a while to upgrade my Sunsyn. Just be patient ;) De : "Mark Holloway mh@...
Jun 5

Anyone know what happen to Jürgen?

I’ve been emailing for weeks trying to set up a Sunsyn 1.2 to 2.0 upgrade. No response. Thanks, Mark
Mark Holloway
Jun 5

Re: xbase 888 inst key notes

You can find al ofl your answers in operating manual.
Miroslav Mrva
Feb 25

xbase 888 inst key notes

Hi, I just got an xbase 888 and I'm trying to figure it out. Some peculiar things about it, but it sounds good. Does anyone know why note names are printed
Feb 24

Re: Modulating Pitch (Sunsyn)

I figured it out. IÆve got Routing No.1 on the Routing System set to ENV1 > LFO 2 > ENV 2 (nothing lit on the Destination which means it is set to effect
Mark Holloway
Jan 27

Sunsyn Presets for mkI OS 1.x

Is there any way to get the original factory presets for the Sunsyn mkI? IÆm the 3rd owner of mine and have no idea whatÆs original and whatÆs not. Purely
Mark Holloway
Jan 23

Jomox Airbase Capacitors

anyone checked out the large 2200uf caps on the rear left of their Airbase? I noticed a very slight bulge on one and swapped it out.
Jan 16

Modulating Pitch (Sunsyn)

Hi all, IÆve got a Sunsyn mkI OS 1.22. IÆm working from the Init patch and trying to figure out the routing configuration to have the LFO add a slight pitch
Mark Holloway
Dec 31, 2014

Re: Too Loud Output

Hi, I get a 999 too and faced the same problem (using line inputs of a Focusrite Scarlett). In a first moment I solved the problem using the Mic/line inputs of
Dec 4, 2014

Too Loud Output

Hi, guys! Got 999. The output is loud as hell. From phones and master outs too. Can't connect it to any hardware. It is 20 db louder than any hottest gear I
Jul 29, 2014

Xbase 09 data dump

Hey guys I'd like to save my patterns im my computer before i delete them to make space for new ones but i've never performed a data dump with the machine. Can
May 4, 2014

Jomox 888 - Velocity MIDI Bug

Hi, I noticed that when you play the Open HiHat via midi control you cannot get an accent volume even if I send notes with 127 velocity. I'm reporting it just
Slam Blambacid
May 3, 2014

Slam-Bank - Jomox XBASE 888

I have compiled sounds I liked from the drum library "The Machine" and made this complete sound bank for the 888. Enjoy it !!
Slam Blambacid
Apr 23, 2014

xbase 09 service manual

Hi All, I've a non behaving Xbase 09 - tok tok special edition - I have no sound from the snare. I have been trying to track down a service manual or at least
Lindsay Webb
Apr 2, 2014

Has anyone recently transferred samples to an 888 on a PC?

I've never been able to get it to work. Please share any suggestions. My girl has a macbook I tried as well, but even with an esi midi mate wouldn't work. --
Matthew Hutchison
Feb 26, 2014
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