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11share joint use responses?

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    May 17, 2005
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      Hi all,

      I received this letter today from Marylaine Block. Some of you may be
      familiar with her as a librarian/writer who writes articles about our
      profession. She also has a e-zine.

      She is intersted in the responses I got from my initial email and I thought
      I would leave it up to all of you if you wanted to forward our exchanges to
      her. I am VERY aware and she seems to be as well of the privacy of postings
      on listservs. So I will leave it up to you.

      I am continuing to bumble along in my position and am thinking ahead to next
      year and the policies I want to lay down for use of the library and the
      services I might offer. I am the only full time librarian here and have may
      hats that I am wearing so I need to be careful not to overextend but I think
      teaching or co-teaching some information literacy classes are definitely
      necessary...if the school wants me. At the very least, library tours and
      instruction using the online catalog can be done.

      Signing up for the LM-NET or school library media listserv has also been
      helpful for me to get more of a feel for the life of a media specialist...in
      a "normal" situation. It was interesting for me to hear how one librarian
      went from the class room to the library and had to work really hard to stay
      connected with the rest of the school. I saw immediately that my disconnect
      is not that unusual...though I think my joint-use situation is a bit
      different. I am employed by the county library system and not the school