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  • renee4152000
    May 1, 2005
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      Hi group,

      I would like to begin this discussion with the question of
      perspectives. I feel the school librarian perspective is different
      from the public librarian perspective. I am a very new librarian
      but have had a temporary job as a private school librarian and a two
      month summer internship in a small city public library. It seems to
      me the goals are different, the work environment as well as
      stakeholders are all different. I find working in a school to be a
      foreign work environment compared to working in a public library or
      even a government library (where I worked during library science
      Now I am managing a point-use public/high school library in a high
      school. I've only been here for 2 1/2 months and this is my first
      professional job. I am a county library employee...well actually
      I'm an employee of the outsourcing company (LSSI) that manages the
      Riverside (CA) County Library System but THAT is still another issue
      that I won't get into right now. My chief frustration is
      communicating with the high school staff and school district. They
      are not useing me as their school librarian...do they not know how
      or do they not care? This is a low performing school district and
      under "No child left behind", it is in danger of being taken over by
      a higher gov. agency...not sure how that works yet.