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  • Tyndall Creek on 7/4/11 (a little downstream from PCT crossing): http://kathywing.smugmug.com/California-Hiking-Scrambling/Sierra-Nevada-Hiking/Shepherd-Pass-To-Mount-Barnard/17925053_ktwcpQ#1372524237_M4NPm7L Tyndall Creek on 7/6/11(a little downstream from PCT crossing) :http://kathywing.smugmug.com/California-Hiking-Scrambling/Sierra-Nevada-Hiking/Shepherd-Pass-To-Mount-Barnard...
    wingding0 Jul 7, 2011
  • There are a couple pictures looking toward Pinchot Pass and Woods Creek Drainage in this album: http://kathywing.smugmug.com/California-Hiking-Scrambling/Sierra-Nevada-Hiking/Armstrong-Canyon-to-Perkins/ Tons of snow along that section of the JMT still.
    wingding0 Jun 14, 2011
  • We were up on Split Mountain on July 4th. Here are some pictures looking down at the JMT from Split - still plenty of snow up near Mather Pass: http://kathywing.smugmug.com/California-Hiking-Scrambling/Sierra-Nevada-Hiking/Split-Mountain-7410/12809419_27aKx#P-3-15
    Kathy Jul 6, 2010
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  • --- In johnmuirtrail@^$1, "Craig" wrote: > Howdy Y'all, > I'm heading up to Tyndall and Williamson next week and was wondering > if anyone has been up there recently and what sort of footwear > should I expect to need: Boots, crampons, snowshoes. > Thanks, > Craig
    Kathy Jun 3, 2003
  • I've settled on Olancha Peak for Memorial Day weekend. To find water, that trip need to be early. --- In johnmuirtrail@^$1, richey35@^$2.. wrote: > At 11.2 K Cottonwood Pass is low by comparison with most passes in the > Southern Sierra, and last year was really dry in the south, thus the big > fires in Sequoia National Forest. The predictions based on snow water > content I read...
    Kathy Mar 13, 2003
  • Last year, we went over Cottonwood Pass on Memorial Day, which was pretty much free from snow, but Army and New Army Pass were not passable. I guess each year and each pass is different. I'm also thinking of Olancha Peak for Memorial Day Weekend. I'd like to avoid an area filled with mosquitos. --- In johnmuirtrail@^$1, richey35@^$2.. wrote: > Hey Kathy. To do this hike on Memorial...
    Kathy <wingding@earthlink.net> Feb 23, 2003
  • I think I'm going to try to make it to Sawmill Pass via the Sawmill Pass Trail on the eastside over Memorial Day Weekend instead of Wishon. --- In johnmuirtrail@^$1, terry thatcher wrote: > > smile----if your going to be there---i would love to do it--sounds nice--depends if i have to work that weekend--but for now sounds like a plan-----"I'm SO Excited"--grin > "Kathy " wrote:Bob...
    Kathy <wingding@earthlink.net> Feb 22, 2003
  • but a 12 mile a day average is probably too much for me. I am planning on 10 miles a day for most of my trips this summer. Wishon to Halfmoon is 24 miles, so that wouldn't be a problem over 3 days. --- In johnmuirtrail@^$1, richey35@^$2.. wrote: > I'm up for a group hike. I usually try to get in 3 or 4 hikes of three or > four days each in the Sierras + one longer trip of one or...
    Kathy <wingding@earthlink.net> Feb 6, 2003
  • Bob: I'm interested in the Wishon to Halfmoon hike if you do it over Memorial Day. From what I've read, that sounds like a good area for a early hike. Terry: What about you? Kathy --- In johnmuirtrail@^$1, richey35@^$2.. wrote: > I'm up for a group hike. I usually try to get in 3 or 4 hikes of three or > four days each in the Sierras + one longer trip of one or two weeks. This...
    Kathy <wingding@earthlink.net> Feb 5, 2003
  • Sounds like a good idea. How many days, miles per day, and when? High Sierra or JMT Section?
    Kathy <wingding@earthlink.net> Feb 3, 2003