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  • Thanks for posting that, John. South Lake/Bishop Pass was in the cards for me. A bit earlier, fortunately.
    Jason Luban Apr 14
  • My Suunto Ambit3 has satellite as well, which matches up with an iPhone app. Not great but not much different from the inReach app I had paired with my inReach this past summer. No communication or emergency signals on the watch, though. -Jason
    Jason Luban Jan 13
  • Personally, I'm dreading the increase in traffic, and not just because of the increase in the number of humans on the trail. More important, the increase will include a lot of idiots who refuse to pack out their toilet paper or decide to burn it or decide to wash themselves or their stuff with soap in the rivers streams and lakes. This past summer when I did the JMT, even though I...
    Jason Luban Dec 6, 2014
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  • Holy crap--thanks! Exactly what I was looking for! -Jason
    jaluban@... Nov 4, 2014
  • That would be great! Thanks, Mr. Ayers!
    jaluban@... Nov 3, 2014
  • That link was broken. Any other way to get that link?
    jaluban@... Nov 2, 2014
  • ...input/feedback would be greatly appreciated (and feel free to email me directly if you'd prefer to keep it off the JMT board at jaluban@^$1 ). Any input on what should be asked is also welcome. Preferred calories/day; calories/ounce; average price/day; # meals...
    Jason Luban Nov 2, 2014
  • That was my plan this past summer. but unfortunately I got injured halfway through and will have to finish next year. Just FYI, so long as you have a permit on the JMT, you can keep going down the HST without an additional permit so long as you don't exit the trail in between, and so long as the exit date on your JMT permit is not earlier than you plan on doing/exiting the HST...
    Jason Luban Oct 23, 2014
  • Hi y'all. After months of preparation and training, tons of money spent and time taken off from work, my Sept. 1-20 JMT had to be aborted midway through due to injury. I started out perhaps too fast, too excited, doing 15-18 mile days in the hopes of finishing out west over the High Sierra Trail after Whitney. In the process, my left knee (IT band) began to give me grief, and I had...
    Jason Luban Sep 14, 2014
  • Hi there. After an on-trail injury on the JMT, I hiked out over Bishop Pass yesterday and am now at a motel trying to figure out how to get back to the Bay Area (Oakland) . Any ideas are greatly appreciated (here or jaluban@^$1 ). Best, Jason -- Sent from my iPhone, so exxuse Amy misspellings or rypos
    Jason Luban Sep 12, 2014