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  • Here is my opinion on the snowpack: At this time, it is pretty much normal or slightly below. The snowpack will dwindle pretty much as usual, unless there are some new major storms. Whatever the JMT veterans would say about "normal year conditions" should apply this year. Last year was exceptionally dry in the high country. This year will certainly have more snowpack, but nothing...
    tiocampo Feb 24, 2002
  • ... or the Milford Track!
    tiocampo Nov 9, 2001
  • Just finished! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I really liked the side trips, including the peak climbs, and the areas I'd been to (especially Florence Lake area and Evolution Basin). I've been over that ridge into Davis Lake Basin! Pretty rugged! I loved the shot of Mt McGee looming over Davis Lake. Lots of nice touches in the account, including all the people you met on the...
    tiocampo Nov 5, 2001
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  • So far, I've made it to Guitar Lake in your report! Very impressive. The pictures alone belie the tale of what you and SD had to go through. Thanks for the accompanying writeup.
    tiocampo Nov 3, 2001
  • If we see postings from Gram Parsons, then it's time to wonder ...
    tiocampo Oct 14, 2000
  • Outstanding!
    tiocampo Oct 4, 2000