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  • ...long as I am not calorie deficient overall), but I end up at about 100 grams/day based on my food selection (I optimize to % fat). fred
    fred_brockman@... Feb 4
  • One was sold within minutes, the other an hour or so later. I could have sold several more -- they went like hotcakes. I personally have the 900 cu in Expedition and the main advantage, in my mind (and with the food I carry), is the ability to easily go 10 days between resupplies. I once actually fit 14 days of food in it, at 3200 calories a day, but that takes a lot of planning.. fred
    fred_brockman@... Jan 23
  • Referring to your idea below John, wonderful idea, I like it alot... although a low potential for it to be implemented by the agencies involved. Alternate suggestion. Limit JMT thru-hike permits in either direction to those willing to contribute at least three days of volunteer labor to any National Park or Forest. If you are willing to unburden the trail by mostly doing the side...
    Fred Brockman Sep 16, 2015
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  • John, A 30 day trip for me this year (Sierra High Route plus other). In 2014 I did a 35 day JMT ending with the High Sierra Trail. I would go out for even longer but have to keep the wife happy too. fred
    fred_brockman@... Sep 9, 2015
  • At your weight and pack weight, I would estimate 3500 calories minimum if you want to maintain your weight. People do vary somewhat in their calorie needs, but 2220-2400 is much to low if you want to maintain weight. John Ladd will likely post with links to equations that will estimate your calorie needs, or you can google that phrase. fred
    fred_brockman@... Jul 1, 2015
  • ...average pre-agriculture humans. we would need to eat a dramatically more diverse diet, with lower nutrient density per ounce of food. fred
    fred_brockman@... May 20, 2015
  • ...point. And yes, he didn't know whether it was from contaminated water (he did not filter, but does now!!) or contaminated food. fred
    fred_brockman@... May 8, 2015
  • ...care to handle the platypus using the pleats, not the faces, when it's close to full. I double bag (with ziplocks) peanut butter. fred
    fred_brockman@... May 8, 2015
  • ...training regime indicates you can handle. Nothing will whet your appetite for doing that entire JMT more than doing a section hike! fred
    fred_brockman@... Apr 29, 2015
  • ...acceptable. I have used an extra length of line (<0.1 ounce) to tie the poncho against my body in very windy and wet conditions. fred
    fred_brockman@... Apr 13, 2015