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  • Thanks very much, climbskihikebike.
    66mstng@... Feb 10, 2014
  • Just to second John: I borrowed a Firstlight from a friend, and his account is accurate. Too small for two adults, but great for 1+. The owner is a mountaineer, and she won't take it up Aconcagua or Whitney, but loves it otherwise and uses it in 4 seasons. In fact, she plans to bring it on the JMT next Summer. For myself, I go back and forth between tarps and my Tarptent Contrail...
    66mstng@... Feb 9, 2014
  • OK, Brooks Cascadia wearers: too many people like this shoe for me not to give it a try. Should I order true-to-size? Or should I order a half size up to accommodate socks, swelling, etc.? I wear a size 11 (used to be a 10 1/2, but as I got older...), definitely not narrow but I'm not regarded as wide, either. Thank you! Chris
    66mstng@... Feb 9, 2014
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  • I just followed the link that was posted on our FB page (Casc 7s on sale at STP), and they were (of course) sold out in my size. But then quickly discovered that, as was just mentioned, the 9s are now out. I think they must have come out in the last few days. This seems like good news to me. As was said, though: wait and see what the first reviews say.
    66mstng@... Feb 6, 2014
  • Thanks very much for the input on the footwear, everyone. It looks like there is a concensus on the Cascadia, with the Moab Ventilator being a runner up. Looking at online reviews, it seems like a lot of people are saying that the Cascadia 8 is very much inferior to the Cascadia 7-- does anyone here have direct experience? When I looked around, it seemed like there were a few other...
    66mstng@... Feb 6, 2014
  • Hi Everyone, I'd like to solicit some input on hiking shoes. I have a lot of miles on my traditional heavy boots, but I am looking to switch down to something lighter for this summer's JMT hike. I'm having trouble making sense of all the reviews online, etc., and I figure that among you you have probably tried many of the options. I am pushing 50, a bit overweight, and my pack...
    66mstng@... Feb 4, 2014
  • Thank you, John. That seems like a loosening of the rules from what they were a few years ago (but post 9/11). Good to see, none the less. I would caution against assuming anything about international travel, though-- the regulations are often different.
    66mstng@... Jan 6, 2014
  • Very interesting conversation you folks have been having about alcohol stoves vs. others, the point at which the inefficiency of their fuel use makes them lose their weight advantage, the problems with them not being able to simmer... but I think many of you are missing a major point about alcohol stoves: you can take them on an airplane. For those of us who will have to fly to get...
    66mstng@... Jan 6, 2014
  • Hi everyone, First time I've posted here. Planning to do (most of) the JMT with some friends in July. More on that when the time is right. In the meanwhile, I'd like to point out that one solution to the problem of messed-up URLs when pasting them into a forum is to use "www.tinyurl.com". I learned about that on another forum, and found that it works quite well. Happy New Year...
    66mstng@... Dec 31, 2013