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  • When I did Mammoth to Yosemite a few years back, we camped in the car campground at Devil's Postpile. It was a bit touristy, but clean and relatively quiet. First come... get there early in the day.
    dlink_95670@... Aug 18
  • It is generally thought these days, that higher cut boots don't necessarily provide ankle support. For them to do that, they'd have to be so tight and stiff, that you wouldn't be able to walk in them. My understanding is that good support comes from the midsole of the boot... if the midsole is solid and stable, and supportive enough for the weight you are carrying, that should be...
    dlink_95670@... Aug 18
  • You can pretty much bet that the bear boxes at Hamilton Lake will be full. Every time I've been there, they've been packed tight. The next boxes (I think) are at Moraine Lake, which is a long stretch. And you won't see any past Crabtree on the way up Whitney. We used them when they were available, just because it's easier. But they weren't always available.
    dlink_95670@... Jul 6
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  • So, when you say "old man record," how old are we talking?? Best of luck to you!
    dlink_95670@... Jun 28
  • The first time I attempted Whitney, we'd come up from Cottonwood Pass. The last morning at Guitar Lake, we got started at 5 am... weather was lovely and clear, with no clouds. As we climbed up, cloud cover slowly moved in. By the time we got to backpack central at the trail junction, we could hear thunder in the not-so-distance. My buddy (a runner) still wanted to go for the top. I...
    dlink_95670@... Jun 28
  • That part I knew about, and is what got me interested. Always like that second opinion!
    dlink_95670@... Apr 15
  • Has anyone purchased and/or tried the new Sea-to-summit sleeping pads?? Thinking about them, but at the price, I'd like a little bit of a review first!
    dlink_95670@... Apr 14
  • I have done it. Cottonwood Pass is an easy pass, but the sandy bit after Chicken Spring Lake is sort of a drudge. I haven't done New Army, so can't compare. But Cottonwood is an easy pass, and doesn't take that much time to get past. Soldier Lake is a pretty popular campsite. When I was there (maybe a dozen years ago), it was pretty crowded, including a group of Boy Scouts who...
    dlink_95670@... Mar 15
  • I am actually a big fan of Granger's products. I use the XT Proofer on w/b stuff and soft shells, and it works great. Granger's XT Waterproofer Spray - Mountain Equipment Co-op Granger's XT Waterproofer Spray - Mountain Equipment... Enhance the water and stain resistance of your DWR treated garments with this spray-on finish. Easy to use and formulated for both outerwear and mid...
    dlink_95670@... Feb 8
  • If you do one of the Army passes, you have the option of a side trip up Mount Langley. Another 14'er as a bonus!
    dlink_95670@... Feb 2