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  • http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/lightweightbackpackinggroup If you want to discuss ways to shed serious weight from your pack, without sacrificing comfort, then check my site out. Please add any ideas or expertise you may have gleaned over the years. Cheers, Wsdavies
    dad0980 May 2, 2001
  • Bill, sent you an e-mail...let me know if you got it...Hope you can make it!
    dad0980 Apr 2, 2001
  • SO, who's gearing up for the JMT this summer? I've got my permits for the 25th of July through the 15th of August. Just started training a couple of weeks ago. I'm really looking forward to the trip this year. I have a slot open if anyone wants to join me, my wife and brother. Cheers
    dad0980 Mar 29, 2001
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  • I just got my permits for the JMT. The dates are: July 25th through August 15th. I've got 5 slots...and I'm wondering if anyone is interested in filling one slot???? We're going to try and finish in 15-18 days. E-mail me @wsdavies@^$1 if interested
    dad0980 Feb 11, 2001
  • Seems to me that a lot of the members that post on this site are from California. Maybe, we should have a get together early this summer....a little face to face. A barbeque in the Sierras...what do you think???? Let me know. Cheers
    dad0980 Jan 6, 2001
  • I'm planning a trip for this next summer. I guess it depends on the permits I get in Feb. I am going to talk with my doctor and see if I might need medication. I really don't think my condition was altitude related. We were only at 6700 feet. I've been to the top of Whitney twice with little trouble other then headaches. I am bound and determined to go this summer. Heck, I've got...
    dad0980 Dec 14, 2000
  • So here is how it went..... July 8th we(Me, my brother and cousin) left Happy Isles on our way to Mt. Whitney. The packs felt light, the weather was great, and I felt great until.... we came close to the half-dome cutoff. Then all of a sudden my legs felt like lead weights and I was left with no energy. 30 min. later I realized that I was in Atrial Flutter( a heart condition that I...
    dad0980 Oct 22, 2000
  • We're leaving this Saturday, July 8th-23rd. Thanks for the 1st-aid advice. I forgot that nice warm fuzzy feeling Benedryl can give. I just hope the training pays off, and we can avoid any use type injuries. I can't wait!!
    dad0980 Jul 4, 2000
  • Mel, We are using the ultralight (Ray Jardine) method. Do you think this will help with the mileage/wear and tear? One in our party could only get 2 weeks off, so hopefully we can complete the 200+ miles in that time frame. Do you recommend Advil or Tylenol for aches and pains? How about natural sleep aids for the aclimation period. In the past the altitude gave me a headache, but...
    dad0980 Jul 3, 2000
  • Please post any suggestions on campsites, bear activity, shuttle to Mammoth, ECT.... July 8th - July 23 Day1: Happy Isles to Sunrise High Sierra. Day2: Sunrise to Lyle Fork Day3: Lyle Fork to Garnet Lake Day4: Garnet Lake to Reds Meadow/Mammoth Day5: Red's Meadow to Purple/Virginia Lakes Day6: Purple/Virginia to Vermillion Valley Rst. Day7: VVR to Marie Lake Day8: Marie Lake to...
    dad0980 Jun 30, 2000