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  • Just put warm soapy water in tub, and swish pack sound some. Let it soak if like. Rinse same way a few times with cold water, hang to dry. No need to dissasemble.
    berdomb@... Aug 30, 2014
  • you can do it in 6 days without running, but you will hike 18 hrs per day. some people like to do that however. Very little of the trail lends itself to running. FKTs are mostly a competition to see who can sleep the least.
    berdomb@... Aug 26, 2014
  • For some, the pace can make the difference between having time to do a hike, or not. I could spare 2-3 weeks, but not 4 weeks. Stopping at noon when I have nothing else to do isn't going to happen either. I met one guy on trail, he started with a 22 day plan, after 3 days he was planning 17, finally he settled on 16 and told his wife to pick him up in LP on that day. After that, he...
    berdomb@... Aug 25, 2014
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  • The slower you go, the more food you need to carry. It is actually easier to walk more miles per day. The sweet spot for most is 10- 15 mpd. It leaves them with 4-6 hrs of daylight to relax, and permits reasonable pack weights. No rocket science here. I know of one guy that goes out for 3 weeks at a time in winter with a 70+ lb pack, 40 + lb food. He does 5 mpd and that's how he...
    berdomb@... Aug 25, 2014
  • Somebody needs to work on reading comprehension. I didn't call any handicapped, I asked if maybe he was. It was a serious question. Something is far from normal when someone plans 5 mpd pace down hill. That leaves only about 11 or so hrs of daylight to spend doing other things. Had he said he was going to fish all day every day, peak bag,etc.well that's a different story. It takes...
    berdomb@... Aug 24, 2014
  • "I want to do TM -> HI via LYV as my first segment, this should give me the shakedown of my gear and food, this would be about 3-4 days."Are you handicapped or something? Seriously, TM-LYV can be done in 1 day by fit person, its a downhill walk with a light daypack. At most, MOST, 2 days for a backpacker. Again, its downhill that direction. 4 days would be seriously seriously slow...
    berdomb@... Aug 23, 2014
  • My packed pack and poles fit into a 24x12x12 duffel bag. I put it in there and checked it. Carry lithium batteries, matches, lighter in carry on they arent allowed in checked baggage. Of course, cannisters arent allowed at all. Mailed duffel bag and travel stuff to Lone Pine to be picked up when I got there.Some people without poles carry their pack on the plane without issue as...
    berdomb@... Aug 22, 2014
  • We'll, there are ways to speed decomp of both waste and tp. Your poo should be mixed up thoroughly with dirt using a stick before coveringcovering. Its hard enough to get uneducated folks to just dig a hole though. If you add a little water, and stir in a very small amt of to, it essentially dissapears. It turns into soup and soaks in.
    berdomb@... Aug 16, 2014
  • Sad thing is, the guy was probably just an idiot that made a mistake. And punishing him wont do anything to stop the other idiots from making the same mistakes.
    berdomb@... Aug 11, 2014
  • Yosemite website includes Fresno. You have to satch an Amtrak bus off a street corner stop somewhere so its not as simple as other ways. I used Bakersfield due to direct late night flight into there from houston and cheaper hotels than san francisco. Worked great for me. Flew frequent flyer so wasn't concerned about ticket prices though.
    berdomb@... Aug 6, 2014