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Re: what, no banter about the fires????

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  • ahike68
    In my post from yesterday, I forgot to include the following links in addition to the update from Yosemite NP meteorology: http://www.gbuapcd.org/
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 29, 2010

      In my post from yesterday, I forgot to include the following links in addition to  the update from Yosemite NP meteorology:
      http://www.gbuapcd.org/ , look at the health advisory link

      http://www.inciweb.org/0/ look for Mono and Bull fir



      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "ahike68" <agroenbeck@...> wrote:
      > I was concerned about the air quality for my pre hiking trip to Mammoththis weekend and JMT start next week.
      > At the ranger station in Mammoth I was told that some smoke was noticed today, maybe from the Mono fire,also some smoke reported in Yosemite and
      > here is some info regarding air quality I got today from the Great Basin Air Pollution District, they are in Bishop, but cover also Mammoth and Mono lake area
      > Wildcat2 fire: Still stable at 6 acres and surrounded by granite, however
      > internal fuel pockets produced a small but visible plume yesterday.
      > Tuolumne fire: 4 acres and is also stable, surrounded by granite.
      > Slope fire: Has grown to 25 acres with 100 percent active perimeter today,
      > so more growth likely. Stage 3 WFDSS planning is beginning and an SMS
      > should be to the air districts Burn decisions: Favorable today and tomorrow;
      > marginal through 96 hrs.
      > OTHER FIRES AFFECTING THE YOSEMITE AREA: Multiple fires to our south
      > contributed yesterday to visible smoke aloft over Yosemite. Some impacts
      > may manifest at the surface if this transport from the south continues over
      > the weekend, especially in Tuolumne Meadows and other high elevation sites.
      > Here's the list (graphics attached):
      > Mono fire (Just SE of Lee Vining, east of Yosemite): 1200+ acres; plume
      > visible from Yosemite high country Potato Fire (near Bishop): acreage
      > unknown, Bull Fire (140 miles south of Yosemite near Kernville): Responsible
      > for the bulk of smoke seen aloft over Yosemite yesterday evening. 18,000+
      > acres as of this morning, and predictive services thinks it will continue to
      > burn very actively (10,000+ acres/day) through the weekend.
      > Wildcat2 fire at 6 acres (found a pocket and made a small plume last night,
      > which combined with plume from Mono fire and the even larger plume from the
      > Bull fire near Kernville, 140 miles to our south.
      > West Fire (south of the Bull Fire): is about 1400 acres, with a lot of
      > potential today--its plume likely to combine with that of the Bull Fire if
      > long range transport north to Yosemite occurs
      > according to him the Bull fire has a lot potential to mess up the air in the Mammoth and Yosemite area in the next weeks with the possibility to cause problems for sensitive persons. I will monitor the info until Friday and maybe reconsider to head out there on Saturday.
      > Angelika
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