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Re: [John Muir Trail] Introduction--new member

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  • Vera Lehmkuhl
    aaaacccckkkk.....now I m scared.... so John Randall, how do we get across without dying...2 small little women by themselves? :) John Randall
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2005
      aaaacccckkkk.....now I'm scared....
      so John Randall, how do we get across without dying...2 small little women by themselves? :)

      John Randall <sierra_marmot@...> wrote:

      I've been hiking in the High Sierra for the last 22 years. I hiked
      the JMT in 1989 and have gone up and/or down all of the eastside
      passes from Piute to Cottonwood, as well as multiple repeats of JMT
      sections over the years. Since I've been coming to the mountains
      from Bethesda, MD, Seattle, WA and now Birmingham, Alabama; I've
      learned the logistics of trailhead shuttles and how to get around on
      the eastside.

      For those of you contemplating a JMT this year, the tough creek
      crossings will be very difficult. In order of difficulty (and
      sequence!); 1) Silver Pass Creek just above Pocket Meadow; 2) Bear
      Creek on the way to Marie Lakes and 3) Evolution Creek in Evolution
      Meadow. The crossing of Silver Pass Creek is at the foot of a
      waterfall, which given the amount of snowmelt this year, could be
      falling directly onto the preferred path. The rocks are slippery,
      odd, and have deep pockets. To your right on the downside is
      another dropoff. You'll need to wear your boots through the

      As you will at Bear Creek. Seemingly harmless, Bear Creek is no
      more than 30 feet across; but, the direct path to the trail on the
      opposite side takes you upstream at maybe a thirty degree angle and
      puts you in a position where the force of the water is hitting more
      of your body. Directly downstream is a series of rapids. It will
      be easy to turn into the water and find your feet swept up by the
      current. The water will be waist deep and running very hard. Poles
      will be useless. Don't rope up. I almost lost my daughter here in
      1997 in a dry year. It's a bugger.

      Evolution Creek will be more of a pain in the neck than anything
      else. You won't be swept away, but there's a good chance you'll get
      everything in your pack soaking wet. It's a wide crossing but a
      level creekbed.

      Thanks for letting me join the group.

      john randall

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