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RE: [John Muir Trail] re: thru-hike questions

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  • Vera Lehmkuhl
    concerning fuel for stoves...what is the current fuel of choice? Cannister and if so how available is it to resupply at Reds or VVR? can t mail it to yourself
    Message 1 of 4 , May 17, 2005
      concerning fuel for stoves...what is the current fuel of choice? Cannister and if so how available is it to resupply at Reds or VVR?

      can't mail it to yourself can you?


      pdahl2@... wrote:
      Hi Eric. Regarding your questions:
      1. I would use something sturdier than flip flops such as sandals or water shoes.
      2. I believe there are commercial flights into Fresno which is much closer than LAX, SFO or Reno.
      3. Lots of granite in the Sierras so you will need strong tent stakes
      4. Water is usually plentiful along the JMT. I do remember two places where can be a problem. The north slope of Bear Ridge (just south of Lake Edison)can be without water in the late summer. On the final leg of your hike you will be without water between guitar lake and Trail Camp (about 10-11 miles I believe).
      5. The store in Yosemite Valley is well stocked. Since alcohol stoves are not very common I would call the store to check on availability.
      6. Your plan to use a duffel bag is a good one.

      "eric_s_bloom" <ebloom@...> wrote:

      >I am planning to hike the JMT north to south in late
      >July-early August and had some questions I hoped to
      >find answers for here on the list.
      >1. Are flip-flops sufficient for stream crossings?
      >I usually carry a pair camp shoes, but would like
      >to use them in place of my boots for any places
      >I might saturate my boots.
      >2. What seems to be the best way to get to the trail?
      >I have read alot online and in a couple guidebooks about
      >this, but can't decide whether to fly into reno, LAX,
      >or SF. Any opinions?
      >3. Is the ground generally soft enough to use titanium
      >tent stakes, or should I bring a set that is more rugged?
      >(MSR Ground Hogs)
      >4. From what I have read, water seems to be available
      >along the trail so that I don't need to carry more than
      >2 liters at a time. Is this generally the case?
      >5. Since I am flying in, I can't bring fuel for my alcohol
      >stove. Is this available at the Yosemite trailhead?
      >6. Does anyone have advice on flying with my pack?
      >My current plan is to put my pack in a duffel bag and check it.
      >When I get there, I planned to leave the duffel bag in a
      >locker at the airport.
      >Thanks for the help,

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