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Re: thru-hike questions

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  • eric_s_bloom
    I ve been looking at flight/train schedules today and I think the following will work out. Austin, Tx - Fresno, stay overnight Fresno - Merced early AM train
    Message 1 of 3 , May 14, 2005
      I've been looking at flight/train schedules today and I think the
      following will work out.

      Austin, Tx -> Fresno, stay overnight
      Fresno ->Merced early AM train
      Merced -> YV via YARTS

      Lone Pine ->Bishop via Inyo Mono Transit bus
      Bishop -> Reno via CREST
      Reno -> Austin

      Any thoughts?

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "dive_hike" <dive_hike@y...> wrote:
      > Eric, I mostly agree with Patrick's advice, but maybe I can add a
      > little ...
      > 1. Several of the streams have loose rocky bottoms and flip-flops
      > are useless. Going barefoot is possible (I've done it), but you can
      > easily cut your foot.
      > 2. I suggest calling Amtrak 1-800-872-7245 and finding out their
      > schedule from Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento and match that with the
      > possible flights. If you can get to Merced (via train), then you
      > can take the YARTS to Yosemite.
      > http://www.yarts.com/schedule.html
      > When you finish at Whitney Portal, I suggest hitching a ride to Lone
      > Pine and then to Mammoth. You can catch the YARTS in Mammoth and
      > take it all the way back to Merced (then get on AMTRAK back to your
      > airport). If anyone knows a better way to get back, I'd like to
      > know about it!
      > 5. I think this is the number for the Curry Village Mountain Shop
      > (209)372-8396.
      > Have a great trip.
      > --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "eric_s_bloom" <ebloom@i...>
      > wrote:
      > > I am planning to hike the JMT north to south in late
      > > July-early August and had some questions I hoped to
      > > find answers for here on the list.
      > >
      > > 1. Are flip-flops sufficient for stream crossings?
      > > I usually carry a pair camp shoes, but would like
      > > to use them in place of my boots for any places
      > > I might saturate my boots.
      > >
      > > 2. What seems to be the best way to get to the trail?
      > > I have read alot online and in a couple guidebooks about
      > > this, but can't decide whether to fly into reno, LAX,
      > > or SF. Any opinions?
      > >
      > > 3. Is the ground generally soft enough to use titanium
      > > tent stakes, or should I bring a set that is more rugged?
      > > (MSR Ground Hogs)
      > >
      > > 4. From what I have read, water seems to be available
      > > along the trail so that I don't need to carry more than
      > > 2 liters at a time. Is this generally the case?
      > >
      > > 5. Since I am flying in, I can't bring fuel for my alcohol
      > > stove. Is this available at the Yosemite trailhead?
      > >
      > > 6. Does anyone have advice on flying with my pack?
      > > My current plan is to put my pack in a duffel bag and check it.
      > > When I get there, I planned to leave the duffel bag in a
      > > locker at the airport.
      > >
      > > Thanks for the help,
      > > Eric
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