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Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: bearikade

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  • JDRows
    Vera I resupplied at Red s and MTR (application forms & info recently uploaded at this newsgroup s site) only. Although I experienced a bit of caloric
    Message 1 of 15 , Mar 31, 2005
      I resupplied at Red's and MTR (application forms & info recently
      uploaded at this newsgroup's site) only. Although I experienced a bit
      of caloric deficit, for the 9 1/2 days from MTR to Whitney Portal, I was
      able to put everything in the Bearikade Weekender and not go off trail
      or pay a resupply service.

      I traveled for a few days with a guided group and the owner of the
      guided group brought in a resupply package. You might consider
      contacting a few of them (a lot in Mammoth) and seeing if you could
      combine a drop off with one they already have scheduled. Otherwise it
      would be several hundred dollars, although the bring solar showers so
      you could have that luxury intra-trek.

      Vera Lehmkuhl wrote:

      >cayenne laden duct tape eh? wow that works?!! cool. I sure do appreciate your offer and we may take you up on it ...let us get a little farther into the planning process and see how big and where we are doing the drops etc. We would of course pay postage...We have a regular plastic bear cannister that aside from being a pound heavier would be fine...for 2 people we wonder if we will need the larger bear cannister...so let us get going ..will spend this weekend planning...
      >does anyone hire someone to drop stuff for you? If so who? we will not have a car as we will be flying in.
      > thanks so much JD...
      >JDRows <jdrows@...> wrote:
      >If you pay the postage both ways, you can borrow my weekender. We've
      >already had conversations about bear canister use. I still use it for
      >food caching. Got a trip in May from South Rim to North Rim and west
      >thru the Park, down to the River again, boulder hopping along it and
      >then up to Utah. Will have to cache twice. Mostly 7.5 minute map
      >navigation without trails and no post offices. For the other cache I
      >use a 5-gallon bucket and wrap cayenne laden duct tape around the lid
      >seal. Let me know.
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