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JMT Google Earth route, GPS coordinates for the whole trail, Snow Depth, more

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  • kevinaston2
    http://kevinaston.com/JMTSpreadsheet.html has links I have been assembling for four years. This year will be my
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      http://kevinaston.com/JMTSpreadsheet.html has links I have been assembling for four years.  This year will be my 4th start of the trail. Out 2 times with a team member with back problems and once with a sick hiker. I have tons of resources, you you may want it too. You can do the whole JMT as a result of Fred Sharples taking my GPS coordinate and entering them into GoogleEarth, the Eric Strong creating a trail to follow. I have a JMT prfile made by Brian Kelly, links to rangers stations to get current daily readings of water content in the snow at Crabtree Meadows, Bishop Pass, and a link to all of the California weather station links. I also have pictures and descriptions of what we did and where we went. I have over 200 posts in the group including fishing, transportation, and equipment. 

      My motto: Planning is half the fun.

      Kevin Aston

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