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  • carlz993
    I d start late July or early August. You ll get your trail permit from Yosemite Nat l Park for the entire hike. You ll need a special permit attached to it
    Message 1 of 36 , Mar 1, 2005
      I'd start late July or early August. You'll get your trail permit
      from Yosemite Nat'l Park for the entire hike. You'll need a special
      permit attached to it for the 'Whitney Zone.' I'd send (fax) in my
      date request on the earlier date authorized to get your requested

      Resupply tips: Let the USPS carry some of your food weight. It's a
      big climb (5000') out of Yosemite Valley to Sunrise (my first night
      on 3 hikes; approx 13 miles). On day two, you'll hit Toulumne
      Meadows. Mail yourself a food resupply that will last you to Reds
      Meadows (3 days or so). From Reds, you have a couple of options for
      your final resupply: 1) resupply @ Vermillion (done this twice); or
      2) resupply @ Muir Trail Ranch (did that last summer). From
      Vermillion, you'd need an extra day's food plus and extremely hard
      climb up Bear Ridge. From Muir Trail Ranch, it's a relatively level
      hike for a while. But, Muir is more expensive than Vermillion. I'd
      vote for Muir.

      Bear cannisters: I have used three different cannisters: Garcia
      Machine, the new Bear Vault, & the expensive Bearicade. The order
      listed is from heaviest to lightest. The Bear Vault has the most
      volume. At the last resupply, it will be impossible to put all your
      food in your cannister. I had an Ursack stuff sack (uses same
      material that is in ballistic vests; reportedly bear resistant but
      not approved by the parks) in my last resupply. So, I'd go with the
      Bear Vault and carefully hang the remaining food in a Ursack. On the
      first night after Muir Ranch resupply, I'd consider camping near a
      bridge and hang your food over the San Jaquin river (double-check
      your knots). From that point onward, you'd decide whether it's more
      important to eat the food based on largest volume (to get more food
      in the cannister) or heaviest weight (to lighten the load).

      Have fun on your trip. I may run into you this summer. I'm hiking
      with a couple of friends from Reds to Whitney Portal (planning to
      average 12M/day - real easy pace - over 14 days). One buddy had to
      bail out on last summer's trip @ Reds Meadow (feet problems). He
      wants to finish the trip this summer. I never tire of backpacking in
      the Sierras (even though it's a long way from Texas).

      Happy trails...

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "V" <vjl_47@y...> wrote:
      > Ok here go the questions.
      > My hiking partner has said for sure she wants to do it!! woohoo.
      > however, we are already having date issues. What are the permit
      > for Yosmite? Do you have to have a permit for the first couple of
      > nights in the park if you are going to thru hike it? Sunrise &
      > Cathedral & Little Yosemite Valley?
      > Also, for those of you who are experienced JMT hikers and live out
      > there...whats your take on a good time to start for this year? Do
      > think snow late/snow early? We are having date issues and wonder if
      > it would be better to go early July or late Aug this year? I
      > someone is going Labor Day? that seems awfully late....
      > vera
    • Kevin Aston
      I just did this trail this summer. It is closer to 20 miles. We did 4.5 on a Sunday, and then 15.8mi on the Monday to get to the Bridge at the Junction. It is
      Message 36 of 36 , Oct 13, 2008
        I just did this trail this summer. It is closer to 20 miles. We did 4.5 on a Sunday, and then 15.8mi on the Monday to get to the Bridge at the Junction. It is a 22 mile drive from Bishop to North Lake. I have pictures and most of the story of my hike at www.kevinaston.com
        Kevin Aston

        Roleigh Martin <roleigh@...> wrote: Bob, is this the bridge over Piute Creek where the Piute Pass trail meets
        the JMT? According to the Lizzy Wenk book, she says it is 15.6 miles from
        Piute Pass Trailhead to the JMT. That is about a 1.5 day hike then for
        someone starting out at a 10 mile a day pace. Is the trail pretty much
        half-up, half-down (up and over the Pass) to the JMT?


        It has two signs, one on each end of the bridge (the first sign has two
        sides to it)



        On 10/13/08, Bob Bankhead <wandering_bob@...> wrote:
        > Bob Ennis was charging $80 for the 80 mile one-way trip from Bishop to
        > Horseshoe Meadows this year. Bishop to North Lake is about 20 miles so it
        > should be less than that. If I were him, I'd have a minimum charge, say $50,
        > just to start the car. Call him for a quote (760)-876-1915.
        > The Piute Pass trail meets the JMT just outside the Kings Canyon Natl Park
        > northern boundary, at the north end of the steel bridge over Piute Creek.
        > That's north of Aspen Meadow. Go right (north) on the JMT for 1.8 miles to
        > the Florence Lake Trail junction, then go left on that 1 mile to MTR.
        > Maps - I haven't researched any of those listed as I never planned to use
        > this route; I just know it's available. I've looked up the routes on a
        > CD-ROM map that I have here, in conjunction with Wenk's JMT book.
        > RE; my hike. Took a slow 4 days doing Tuolumne Mdws to Reds' Mdw with the
        > family, then my wife and I got a rental car in Mammoth Lakes and she drove
        > me to Horseshoe Mdws (Cottonwood Pass). I did the PCT from there south to
        > Kennedy Meadows where she met me and provided much-needed transportation to
        > Chimney Creek campground where I had to bail several years ago. I walked
        > back north to Kennedy Meadows. She met me again and we went back to Reno to
        > fly home.
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