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my stream crossings

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  • Barbara Karagosian
    I hate stream crossings. I haven t fallen in yet. It doesn t matter :-) . In 2008 I was the last across the outlet stream of Long Lake (below Bishop Pass) - I
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    I hate stream crossings.  I haven’t fallen in yet. It doesn’t matter J . In 2008 I was the last across the outlet stream of Long Lake (below Bishop Pass ) – I think it was Long Lake . It involved rock “hopping”.  Here is me, stuck as a gale force gust tried to dislodge me.  Scary looking stream, huh!


    Then we have our 2009 TM to Reds trip.  About 4 or 5 miles from TM one crosses Evelyn Creek.  In mid July it was over-the-ankles deep and no handy rocks.  Too wide to jump. My husband zooms up stream, spots a rickety looking log, and hops up on it, without so much as a glance backwards.  No strap loosening – nothing.  Halfway across, he falters, and then he’s in the drink, lying back in the water with his legs propped over the log, stuck.  No injuries and he was able to get up and splash out.  Meanwhile Alix and I promptly took off our boots, put on our crocs, sloshed across, found him, and commiserated. Didn’t dare take a picture!

    Next off, Lyell Creek Crossing – where there is a real bridge.  Say no more.

    Then, another crossing of Lyell, at the outlet of a little lake. Boulders are one possibility – no way for me  Watched some guys leap across, and both ended up having to put a booted foot in to maintain balance.  Off wit the shoes, on with the crocs. 

    Then, further up towards Donahue, as you come round a rocky ridge, there is the last lake and huge boulders to cross the outlet.  Looks easy.  I feel sick. Alix goes across easily.  I get to boulder #2, freak out, sit down (big boulders), and am now truly incapable of moving!  Michael goes across, dumps his back, comes back, takes my pack and crosses with it – at which point I am able to get up and cross.  Totally embarrassing.

    No problems after that, we’re zooming along, with plans for camping at Island Pass.   We do have to cross Rush Creek but the Lizzie Wenk book says there’s a bridge.  Yay!  We get to it.  The trail dives straight into the frothing water and out the other side, about 15 feet away.  There are no boulders.




     There is a rotting log.



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