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Re: Kiking South to North Aug. '05...HELP?

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  • carlz993
    ... to ... at ... I did the hike in 17 days from North to South in summer 04. That s the direction I d recommend. You d be starting with your heaviest food
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2005
      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "D" <Pukkmann@a...> wrote:
      > Would anyone have any info for me on doing this trail from Whitney
      > Yosemite....will acclimate half way up Whitney, one night, after a
      > night in Whitney Portal...with two days at a high elevation, that
      > SHOULD do it???...then a few more passes, a few days later.....half
      > way point at Muir Ranch....the last 110 miles are broken up nicely
      > Red's Meadow, Tuolomne Meadows, Sunrise.....I am mainly asking for
      > info on The first 110 miles , and some favorite campsights...thanks
      > in advance!!!...Doug

      I did the hike in 17 days from North to South in summer '04. That's
      the direction I'd recommend. You'd be starting with your heaviest
      food weight in your pack before you're acclimated to the elevation.
      Would be tough.

      Anyway, here's where I camped and how I'd rate the site (from 1 * -
      lousy - to 5 * - great):
      1. Sunrise Camp **** (crowded but nice site; toilet available; bear
      boxes; tough uphill from north to south; would make an 'easy'
      downhill in one day going south to north)
      2. Ireland Creek *** (next to creek; resupplied @ Toulumne)
      3. Garnet Lake * (long day; had to just through down the tent on a
      field; long hike downhill to pump water; the next morning, we found a
      nice site about 3 min further down the trail... go figure)
      4. Red's Meadow ***** (@ backpacker site; real food; free hot
      showers; & beer! Resupplied here, also.)
      5. Purple Lake *** (overused sites; not too far from water)
      6. Mono Creek bridge **** (nice site; close to water)
      7. Marie Lakes **** (a bit exposed & windy; very scenic; between
      Mono Creek bridge and Marie Lakes, there are some really nice sites
      along the creek)
      8. Muir Trail Ranch **** (close to hot springs - across the river;
      well-used camp site; resupplied here.)
      9. Colby Meadow ** (couldn't find a decent site just prior to the
      climb to Evolution Lake; had to just pick a place on the other side
      of the creek)
      10. Big Pete Meadow **** (nice area; close to water)
      11. Upper Palisades Lake **** (found a decent site; not too far from
      12. Majorie Lake ***** (short day at a really pretty lake)
      13. Arrowhead Lake **** (large site next to the lake; bear boxes)
      14. Center Basin **** (stopped at the campsite at the trail
      junction; bear boxes; there are some nice sites further south without
      bear boxes)
      15. Tyndall Frog Ponds **** (bear boxes)
      16. Above Guitar Lake *** (next to small tarn, pond, or whatever you
      want to call it; ground so hard that I couldn't get stakes in it; had
      to use large rocks to secure tent)

      Made the hike to Mt. Whitney Trl Jct, dumped the pack, and climbed to
      the summit. Came back down, picked up the pack and headed to Whitney
      Portal. Started hiking the last day @ 6 am and finished around 4:30
      pm (w/ 1 1/2 hour at summit).

      I have GPS coordinates for these sites if you'd like them. You'd
      need to look at these sites on a topo map to see how they'd look
      going the opposite direction.

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