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Re: [John Muir Trail] evac posting

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    Jean, Thanks for sharing that story...puts into perspective the wild in wilderness. Barb ... From: Jean Dickinson To:
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      Thanks for sharing that story...puts into perspective the "wild" in wilderness.

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      I never saw the original comment that apparently was a huge put-down. I'm sorry you had to clarify your question, since it is a legitimate and interesting one. I also have years of experience backpacking solo, with kids and a partner on the JMT and elsewhere in the Sierra and Desolation Wilderness. Like you I've never had to be evacuated, but injuries happen and the mountains can be unforgiving. A friend of mine died in October in an area I love out of the Mosquito Flat trailhead and over Mono Pass and into the Pioneer Basin area. He and his hiking partner, a doctor, got caught in a snowstorm, apparently tried to get to lower ground to the west, got lost and Cory stumbled over a ridge and sustained a head injury. His partner got him into a sleeping bag and the tent, continued on to get help, continued to be lost and was found by a rescue helicopter three days later. Cory was dead by the time they got back to him, guided from the air by the hiking partner. And both men were very experienced backpackers. This is not a fun anecdote but in sharing such stories and experiences, we all learn something, even when it's thinking about what we'd have done differently.

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      Subject: [John Muir Trail] evac posting

      Happy Hump Day everyone!  As a point of clarification from my evacuation post….my purpose for posing the question was in hopes to gain some interesting insights from those who have experience on the JMT and perhaps share some stories of evacuations that they have seen or had been involved in while trekking the JMT.  I have a SPOT, I already have permits, own the Map Pack, WFR training, AND have a pretty good idea where the nearest (not necessarily near) routes would be in case of an injury/accident.  As an educator, I know that although people are not participating on the site doesn’t necessarily mean they are not present.  So, the question was in part for me to get a fun dialogue going and perhaps have folks share their experiences for those who may be present but not necessarily participating.  Although I have been involved in evacuations, I have never had to be the one evacuated…knock on wood.  So, for those of you who have shared some
      stories and offered suggestions for other maps and trails…great!  I think everyone benefits from that.  We learn much from other peoples’ experiences and mistakes.  Again, my question was not posed because of my lack of experience (on the contrary) but to gain insight from JMT’ers and to have folks share evac situations.    How’s that for a clarification?  Onward we go!   

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