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  • pdahl2@netscape.net
    I resupplied by mailing myself a package to Red s Meadow Resort, Vermillion Valley Resort and Muir Trail Ranch. You can find their web sites by doing a Google
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 13, 2004
      I resupplied by mailing myself a package to Red's Meadow Resort, Vermillion Valley Resort and Muir Trail Ranch. You can find their web sites by doing a Google search. The new owner of Vermillion Valley Resort is great. I met him and several employees all of whom welcomed hikers.

      thomas taylor <tgtaylor7@...> wrote:

      >Water wont be a problem anywhere on the JMT that a
      >couple of hours of hiking cant take care of.  You'll
      >find plenty of cool, clear, and sweet water all along
      >the route that I only pack 1-liter at a time.  As far
      >as food resupply, if you head North to South, you can
      >resupply at Tolumne Meadows at the 30-mile point. At
      >Red Meadow (60-mile point)you can take the shuttle
      >into Mammoth Lakes where you can find a full selection
      >of outdoor supplies of every description or just pick
      >up some basic provisions at the campground store
      >(along with a HOT shower and a good meal at the
      >restaurant. Lake Vermilion, at about the 90-mile
      >point, is a popular stop over and rest among PCT
      >trekkers and other long-distance hikers. For a fee,
      >you can mail packages to yourself there to pick up.
      >However I heard that the former owner Butch committed
      >suicide and new people now own the resort so things
      >may have changed.  I hope not.  It was a real popular
      >stop over among long-distance hikers.  South of Lake
      >Vermilion and for a fee you can pick up packages
      >mailed to you at Muir Ranch at about the 110-mile
      >mark.  After Muir Ranch you will have to get off the
      >trail(figure 30 to 40-mile round-trip) to resupply OR
      >Pick up enough supplies at the ranch to complete the
      >For a guide, I recommend "Starr's Guide to the John
      >Muir Trail and the High Sierra Region" published by
      >the Sierra Club which the 12th Revised edition is the
      >latest.  This edition was published in 2 formats:  A
      >small format which fits conveniently in your hand and
      >packs nicely in your pocket and a more recent and
      >larger version which I find inconvenient to carry.
      >Both have the same content-they just enlarged the
      >dimensions and raised the price.  I bought mine (the
      >smaller format version) at a used bookstore for $3.50.
      > Also helpful is "Guide to the John Muir Trail" by
      >Thomas Winnett and Kathy Morey.
      >Finally, the Pacific Crest Trail Association,
      >www.pcta.org posts the latest trail conditions along
      >the trail as reported by hikers.  Keep in mind,
      >though, that they start in the south and follow the
      >snow line north, at least that's the plan.  For me,
      >that's a great time to be on the JMT as there is
      >plenty of snow on the peaks (and in the passes too!)
      >and they are a great group to run into.  Plenty of
      >can-do spirit if you know what I mean.  
      >Hope this helps.
      >- Mark Goforth <goforthmark@...> wrote:
      >> does the group have a file, or recommended text on
      >> the trail?
      >> drop-off and pick-up points, water, etc.?
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      >Best regards,
      >Thomas Taylor

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