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Re: [John Muir Trail] Waypoints Requested

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  • JD Schaefer
    Hi All Have spent several hours trying to find waypoints for the JMT. Aside from the important bear box waypoints, I m having no luck. Do any of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26 6:15 PM
      Hi All
      Have spent several hours trying to find waypoints for the JMT. Aside from
      the important bear box waypoints, I'm having no luck. Do any of you
      knowledgeable folks have a source for those waypoints? Planning on a SOBO
      starting Aug 26. Got my permit, just waiting for the skeeters to reduce
      their population.

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      > John,
      > A few suggestions:
      > You might want to read this account of running the
      > JMT. This guy had support from his father:
      > http://www.run100s.com/JMT/jmt98bw.txt
      > Resupply: Red's Meadows is right off the trail (about
      > 100 yards) in Mammoth. If you can carry enough food
      > for 165 miles, that is the place to resupply. Here is
      > their web site:
      > http://www.mammothweb.com/redsmeadow/
      > If you want to cache food (to break up the long
      > section), I would suggest either 1) Woods Creek
      > Crossing (about 56 miles or 2 days from Whitney
      > Portal) or 2) Le Conte Canyon off Dusy Creek (about
      > midway on the long section).
      > Woods Creek Crossing has a bear box to cache your food
      > (I've never had anyone steal my food). The Crossing
      > is about 14 miles each way from Cedar Grove.
      > Le Conte Canyon is about 13 miles each way from South
      > Lake Trail head. It does NOT have a bear box, so you
      > will have to use a different method to store your
      > food. Perhaps you can find a friend to meet you at
      > either place!
      > Bears: I suggest reading Ray Jardine's book: "Beyond
      > Backpacking: Ray Jardine's Guide to Lightweight
      > Hiking". He has an excellent discussion of avoiding
      > Bears (among other solid advice). The basics: Don't
      > cook or eat where you sleep (bears have a great sense
      > of smell) and sleep away from normal camping spots.
      > I would add: sleep at bear boxes if possible! Here is
      > a site that lists the bear boxes on the southern
      > portion of the trail:
      > http://www.nps.gov/seki/bear_box.htm
      > There are also bear boxes at Reds Meadows and Tuolumne
      > campground.
      > Hope this helps. Please feel free to email me with
      > any questions. Have a great run!
      > Best, Bill
      > --- john radich <johnrultrarunner@...> wrote:
      > > Hi JMT Friends,
      > >
      > > I am looking at running JMT this summer. South to
      > > North and finish at Happy Isles campground. Have not
      > > been on it. To make this more interesting, I am
      > > running the Death valley ultramarathon in July. I do
      > > plan to do Mt Whitney and then JMT with what engery
      > > I
      > > have left.. Re: food caches, who do I contact on
      > > sending some supplies to? Any tips on how to store
      > > food from the bears and critters? I can't carry the
      > > bear container since I am limited on space in my
      > > pack.
      > > I won't be in the tree line for a bit so hanging up
      > > my
      > > food won't suffice.
      > > I know there are experienced JMT hikers and
      > > backpackers who have much wisdom from hard won
      > > experience. Your the ones who know. I am willing to
      > > listen what you all can suggest and offer me. I am
      > > carrying my own Sweet Water filter. Maybe a light
      > > weight stove, haven't decided on that yet.
      > > Like to cover a marathon to a 50km a day. Easier
      > > said
      > > than done, eh?
      > > Drop me an email. Like to hear from you.
      > > Happy trails,
      > > John "JR" Radich
      > >
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