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Re: [John Muir Trail] Waypoints Requested

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  • JD Schaefer
    Hi All Have spent several hours trying to find waypoints for the JMT. Aside from the important bear box waypoints, I m having no luck. Do any of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2003
      Hi All
      Have spent several hours trying to find waypoints for the JMT. Aside from
      the important bear box waypoints, I'm having no luck. Do any of you
      knowledgeable folks have a source for those waypoints? Planning on a SOBO
      starting Aug 26. Got my permit, just waiting for the skeeters to reduce
      their population.

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      > John,
      > A few suggestions:
      > You might want to read this account of running the
      > JMT. This guy had support from his father:
      > http://www.run100s.com/JMT/jmt98bw.txt
      > Resupply: Red's Meadows is right off the trail (about
      > 100 yards) in Mammoth. If you can carry enough food
      > for 165 miles, that is the place to resupply. Here is
      > their web site:
      > http://www.mammothweb.com/redsmeadow/
      > If you want to cache food (to break up the long
      > section), I would suggest either 1) Woods Creek
      > Crossing (about 56 miles or 2 days from Whitney
      > Portal) or 2) Le Conte Canyon off Dusy Creek (about
      > midway on the long section).
      > Woods Creek Crossing has a bear box to cache your food
      > (I've never had anyone steal my food). The Crossing
      > is about 14 miles each way from Cedar Grove.
      > Le Conte Canyon is about 13 miles each way from South
      > Lake Trail head. It does NOT have a bear box, so you
      > will have to use a different method to store your
      > food. Perhaps you can find a friend to meet you at
      > either place!
      > Bears: I suggest reading Ray Jardine's book: "Beyond
      > Backpacking: Ray Jardine's Guide to Lightweight
      > Hiking". He has an excellent discussion of avoiding
      > Bears (among other solid advice). The basics: Don't
      > cook or eat where you sleep (bears have a great sense
      > of smell) and sleep away from normal camping spots.
      > I would add: sleep at bear boxes if possible! Here is
      > a site that lists the bear boxes on the southern
      > portion of the trail:
      > http://www.nps.gov/seki/bear_box.htm
      > There are also bear boxes at Reds Meadows and Tuolumne
      > campground.
      > Hope this helps. Please feel free to email me with
      > any questions. Have a great run!
      > Best, Bill
      > --- john radich <johnrultrarunner@...> wrote:
      > > Hi JMT Friends,
      > >
      > > I am looking at running JMT this summer. South to
      > > North and finish at Happy Isles campground. Have not
      > > been on it. To make this more interesting, I am
      > > running the Death valley ultramarathon in July. I do
      > > plan to do Mt Whitney and then JMT with what engery
      > > I
      > > have left.. Re: food caches, who do I contact on
      > > sending some supplies to? Any tips on how to store
      > > food from the bears and critters? I can't carry the
      > > bear container since I am limited on space in my
      > > pack.
      > > I won't be in the tree line for a bit so hanging up
      > > my
      > > food won't suffice.
      > > I know there are experienced JMT hikers and
      > > backpackers who have much wisdom from hard won
      > > experience. Your the ones who know. I am willing to
      > > listen what you all can suggest and offer me. I am
      > > carrying my own Sweet Water filter. Maybe a light
      > > weight stove, haven't decided on that yet.
      > > Like to cover a marathon to a 50km a day. Easier
      > > said
      > > than done, eh?
      > > Drop me an email. Like to hear from you.
      > > Happy trails,
      > > John "JR" Radich
      > >
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