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[John Muir Trail] Re: Exclusive! Ahwahnee Rock Slide Photos by Maggie Rentz

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  • clairehiker
    I think that s great that you are willing to take this on. Thank you!
    Message 1 of 27 , Aug 31, 2009
      I think that's great that you are willing to take this on. Thank you!

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, John Ladd <johnladd@...> wrote:
      > Dan Braun, the owner of this group, resurfaced. He's offered to add me as
      > moderator, which should allow us to do some consensus stuff and finalize an
      > ongoing plan for moderators
      > I'm assuming that the sense of the group is that I could get started on the
      > following four things:
      > 1) removing spam from files area
      > 2) removing outdated files from files area (and adding links to current
      > versions of the same files)
      > 3) enabling HTML formatted messages (which would allow pictures and links)
      > 4) seeing whether it is possible to send a poll to the membership to select
      > a plan for ongoing moderators
      > Since Dan started this group, I think we owe him the courtesy of getting his
      > buy-in for any changes, particularly for any plan that would create
      > additional moderators. Maybe he could stay as permanent owner/moderator (if
      > he's willing) but two rotating moderators could do most of the work.
      > *If anyone has an objection to any of the four numbered points above, please
      > reply to the group or to me privately.
      > *
      > John Curran Ladd
      > 1616 Castro Street
      > San Francisco, CA 94114-3707
      > 415-648-9279
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