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Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Section hiking the JMT

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  • terry thatcher
    yes Kathy on the group JMT or the HIgh Sierra hike this summer Kathy wrote:Thanks for all the information
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 2, 2003
      yes Kathy on the group JMT or the HIgh Sierra hike this summer
      "Kathy <wingding@...>" <wingding@...> wrote:Thanks for all the information everyone - it's very helpful. My maps
      arrived, so I've been checking them out. I'd really like to go over
      Forester Pass. I went over Kearsarge Pass to Charlotte Lake, and
      over Shepherd Pass to just beyond the Pass last summer; and it was
      beautiful in both areas. I'd like to cover the area inbetween and
      check out the Lake South America area and Center Basin. I've also
      been up to Whitney a couple times, but not further west than Trail
      Crest. Last summer I also did an in and out trip from South Lake to
      Muir Pass - that was a beautiful area too. Maybe I'll end up
      splitting it into two sections of about 40 miles each, if that's
      possible, this summer. It's going to be a tough decision on which
      section to cover.

      This summer, I'd like to do a long weekend trip and go over Taboose
      Pass. I also feel the need to check out Thousand Island Lake. Last
      year, most of my trips were weekend trips except for a couple of 3
      days and one four day trip. This I think I'll expand to 3 to 6 day
      trips, or possibly a little longer.

      A group trip for a section of the JMT or the High Sierra Trail, would
      interest me - depending on when it is.

      There are so many in at --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com,
      richey35@c... wrote:
      > Hi. I section hiked the JMT over the last three summers. In '00 I
      went from
      > Yosemite to Red's Meadow, then from there to South Lake over Bishop
      Pass, and
      > last summer from Bishop Pass to Whitney. Those are the easiest
      sections to
      > arrange transportation from. Usually you can get a ride back to
      your car
      > from people you meet on the trail. You'll never meet a more
      helpful group of
      > humans anywheer on the panet than on the JMT after you get away
      from the
      > major trailheads.
      > My personal favorite areas were Island Pass to Garnet Lake, before
      and after
      > Selden Pass, Evolution Valley through Evolution Lake, Rae Lakes to
      > Pass, and Bighorn Plateau. I guess that covers a fairly big
      proportion of
      > the whole trail. If anybody on the list would like to develop a
      section hike
      > group on the JMT or maybe the High Sierra Trail, let me know. My
      guess is
      > that this may be a drier winter than anybody expected in the
      Sierras, so July
      > may be better time to go than August.
      > Bob Richey
      > << Yes, I'd like to know which sections you liked best. I'd like
      to go
      > in on the same side that I come out unless I start in Yosemite and
      > take the shuttle bus from the Mammoth area. >>

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