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Re: [John Muir Trail] fuel use

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  • John Ladd
    Follow-up on this thread from several weeks ago - on the question of how many fuel canisters to take. Just back from 12-day trip. I used one (previously used)
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      Follow-up on this thread from several weeks ago - on the question of how
      many fuel canisters to take.

      Just back from 12-day trip. I used one (previously used) canister while
      near Muir Trail Ranch (my start and end point) and another (brand new
      small-size isobutane mix) for 18 meals on trail.

      For those 18 meals. I consumed 82.2 grams of a 110 gram canister of Snow
      Peak GigaPower isobutane mix in my JetBoil in cooking the 18 meals, or an
      average of 4.56 grams of fuel per meal. The amount consumed was calculated
      by weighing the canister on a very accurate postal scale before and after
      the trip.

      Half the meals were 8 oz. of water, 2 oz. of butter plus 1.3 cup of 5-minute
      breakfast cereal (Cream of Wheat or Instant Polenta premixed with almond
      meal and sugar). Brought to simmer once, allowed to steep in the JetBoil
      about 5-7 minutes then re-brought to a simmer.

      The other half were roughly 12-14 oz. of water with various soup-stew
      additives like Israeli couscous, lentils, split pea soup mix, meat, fat or
      oil, dried or freeze-dried vegetables. Simmered twice similar to the above.

      Water to start was typically quite cold and I was using the stove mostly
      above 10,000 feet since I prefer to camp fairly high. I tend to use the
      stove at about half or less of maximum power on the assumption that this
      makes the fuel lasts longer.

      On one occasion the stove blew out and it leaked gar unproductively for
      probably 5 minutes before Irealized it.

      On another occasion, I simmered some extra water in order to steep some sun
      dried tomatoes.

      On one occasion (soba noodles for pesto) I left 16 oz. water on simmer for
      about 5 minutes.

      No use of fuel for heating water to wash, etc.

      At that rate, I should be able to get 12 days -- 24 meals - out of my
      JetBoil and the small canister.

      People who don't need a steep and re-simmer process (e.g., those who just
      pour hot water into a freeze-dried bag) could probably get buy on somewhat
      less fuel.

      If you own something like a MSR pocket Rocket, you will need more fuel than
      this. The JetBoil is the most efficient stove analyzed by REI in terms of
      heating capacity per 100 grams of fuel.

      John Curran Ladd
      1616 Castro Street
      San Francisco, CA 94114-3707

      On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 8:46 PM, rgillespie6 <rgillespie6@...> wrote:

      > Group,
      > 8 days until i begin my JMT southbound hike. In our group of 3, I am
      > responsible for the fuel/stove. I went out and bought 4 canisters of
      > propane/butane (i think 227kg each). Will this suffice for our planned trip
      > of 17 days? Thanks for the help and input.
      > Regards,
      > Bill Gillespie

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