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RE: Re: [John Muir Trail] section hiking JMT

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  • craigroche
    Thanks Larry, that s a great idea. I ll go Red s to North Lake (about 70 miles) and what I like about this section is that if I stay out of Devil s Postpile I
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      Thanks Larry, that's a great idea.  I'll go Red's to North Lake (about 70 miles) and what I like about this section is that if I stay out of Devil's Postpile I can take my dog along. It is a sacrifice to not see Evolution Valley, but I've been there several times before, including and challenging exit via Lamarck Col. Perhaps Evolution to Whitney next year!

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      Maybe the next logical step would be Red's Meadows to Leconte Valley then exit at Bishop Pass. Or, if you wanted it shorter you could exit at Piute Pass but you'd miss Evolution Valley. Logistics wise, both are virtually the same. You could leave a vehicle at South Lake (Bishop Pass) or North Lake (Piute Pass) then drive to Red's Meadows to start your hike.
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      I'm section hiking the JMT and want to hike another section starting this week. I've done Reds Meadows to Yosemite Valley, so perhaps I pick up at Reds, or I'd consider another section. Specifically I'd like some guidance on logical entry and exit points given I'd like to cover not much more than 60 miles in 7 days. 
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