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RE: RE: Ride and Permit Sharing in Late September

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  • triton25mls
    Allen: I am totally up for option 4—I planned on heading up first thing on the 25th, so I could be in the Valley by the afternoon/evening. I need to pick up
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      I am totally up for option 4—I planned on heading up first thing on the 25th, so I could be in the Valley by the afternoon/evening. I need to pick up my permit by 10 a.m. on the 26th so that would actually work perfectly for me. To sweeten the pot I will throw down on some gas between the two. Let me know how you would like to proceed. 


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      I am also trying to work out transportation for a trip in September so I thought I'd post here too. Depending when you plan to arrive in the valley, option #4 below might work for both of us.

      I am in the bay area and planning to hike NOBO from Whitney and was thinking of leave my car in Yosemite Valley so it is there when I finish. 

      My start date is (hopefully) Sept. 22 and I am planning to arrive in Yosemite the evening of Friday Sept. 20. I know there are buses but not sure if the bus connections to get from Yosemite to Whitney all run on weekends or how long that would take...So here are some ideas:

      1. If someone is driving from either the bar area, Sacramento, or Yosemite to Lone Pine/Whitney Portal on Sept. 20 or 21 and has room, I'd be happy to pay for gas. 

      2. If anyone else is leaving from the bay area (or even Sacramento) on Sept. 20th, I can either drive or ride.

      3. If anyone wants to share the cost of a shuttle from Yosemite or Tuolumne to Whitney Portal/Lone Pine that might be an option too. 

      4. Possibly, if someone wants to drive my car from Whitney Portal to Yosemite Valley or Tuolumne and leave it there that could work too. It would have to be sometime between Sept. 22 and 25 though as I'm hoping to do a pretty fast hike.

      If anyone can help me please let me know!



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      Hi All:

      I had a JMT trip planned with two friends at the end of September. For various reasons both people bailed, which has left me in a hard spot for transportation. I have a pass-through permit beginning at Happy Isles starting September 26th with two spots left on it. If no one wants to add on I am going to revise my permit and free up those spots. As a result of losing two members of my group I now have a logistical problem regarding transportation.

      My predicament is that I planned to drive up from SoCal and leave me car at Whitney Portal or Lone Pine, starting the JMT from Happy Isles and hike down to my car. However, the YARTS shuttle only runs on weekends and my permit is mid-week. Additionally, one of the buses stops running September 30th. This means I could get to Mammoth Lakes, but would have issues getting to the Valley. Similarly, it wouldn't be possible to park my car at Yosemite, hike the JMT and then shuttle up, as one of the main transportation veins will have shut down. A private shuttle is not in my budget and I am on time constraints, as I get back from a trip on September 24th and cannot leave any earlier. 

       This led me to post on here in seek of two main alternatives; however, I am open to suggestions.

      1.) If anyone is in-need of a permit, is looking to do a Southbound trip, and does not want to fight for a first come first served permit, I am willing to tack you onto mine if possible. Preferably to coordinate transportation from Whitney Portal to Yosemite Valley.

      2.) Is anyone in the area willing to assist me in transportation or heading from Whitney Portal to Yosemite that I can compensate with some gas money? Or does anyone have any alternative suggestions not covered.


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