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US Plastic sells 7 gal paint buckets (and plastic jars) - part numbers attached

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  • John Ladd
    Muir Trail Ranch accepts paint buckets up to 7 gallons for the same price as 5 gal buckets (you pay extra only if the weight goes over 25 lbs). That may be a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2013
    Muir Trail Ranch accepts paint buckets up to 7 gallons for the same price as 5 gal buckets (you pay extra only if the weight goes over 25 lbs). That  may be a better size for 2 people or for people who have oversize bearcans like mine.) They were hard to find in local stores, so I just ordered mine from US Plastic. 

    Given that I was already paying a hefty shipping price to US Plastic, I also decided to order a bunch of widemouth plastic jars to supplement my collection. 

    In both cases (jars and paint buckets) the lids are sold separately and you have to figure out which lid fits which jar. But see the purchase order attached for the part numbers.

    I find the widemouth, no lip, plastic jars useful for things like ghee. coconut oil, pesto, nutella, peanut butter, confits -- and the smaller jars for salt and spices (helps with food boredom) or small stuff that must stay dry (e.g., foot powder) and for things like sunscreen. They are sufficiently cheap that I bought way more than I'll probably ever use, but at least this way I don't feel bad about disposing of them. (PS: They aren't super leakproof - don't use for things like olive oil or DEET and or pesto with excess olive oil - Nalgene bottles will work for these if you don't want to use original packaging).

    Having done to the trouble of figuring out the parts number of the 7-gallon paint bucket and corresponding lid, and various size jars and their corresponding lids, I thought some others might find the order useful, as it gives the part numbers and a short description of each. Lid 2400 is for the paint bucket, though the order doesn't say so. Other lids are identified by a sizing number (e.g., 70/400) which also appears in the item description for the corresponding jars. I ordered extra lids mostly because the foam liners inside the lids should  probably only be used once for things that might leak

    I attach the order

    PS: If you want the 6 gallon paintbucket, it is part number 2389 and uses the same lid part number 2400 (I got a Red one so that it stands out at MTR and these are the reusable ones that are easier to get on and off than the sealing lids)

    PPS: I also plan to ship stuff back from MTR so I'm using the larger bucket in part for fresh clothes to replace stuff that will be grungy after 10 days. The return package will also include empty jars from my first leg from New Army Pass to MTR. MTR charges $10 plus postage for flat rate return boxes.

    John Curran Ladd
    1616 Castro Street
    San Francisco, CA  94114-3707
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