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Re: Couple questions for June hike

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  • Byron Nevins
    That s pretty foul! Try a bidet. A nice butt-shower is the way to go. You can even use warm water if you like! No paper needed! Now Amazon has a 1.1 oz
    Message 1 of 31 , May 14, 2013
      That's pretty foul!  Try a bidet.  A nice butt-shower is the way to go.  You can even use warm water if you like!  No paper needed!  Now Amazon has a 1.1 oz one.  I just ordered it and will report back here with a review soon.  If you were exceedingly picky you might need 1-2 TP squares for a 'test wipe'.  I personally go with lots and lots of water.  Zero TP for the environment.  And more importantly no feces in my pack!

      I used this 2.5 oz. bidet on last year's thru-hike.  Worked great.  Fill it once.  Go to cathole with a jug of water for refill.  Make sure jug is handled carefully when pouring into "bad" bottle.

    • Chris Pratt
      JD, I do something similar when it gets to cold for my bag. But, instead of draping the jacket over the bag I zip it up and slide it over the foot of the bag,
      Message 31 of 31 , May 15, 2013

        I do something similar when it gets to cold for my bag.  But, instead of draping the jacket over the bag I zip it up and slide it over the foot of the bag, like an oversized sock.  It reaches up around the knee area.  By doing this I don't have issues with the jacket sliding off the top of the bag during the night.  To me it seems that more heat is lost in the bottom part of the bag then the top. 

        Warm feet, happy sleep....

        On 5/15/2013 11:48 AM, dittliphoto wrote:

        Yes, depending on how cold one sleeps, a 0° bag is overkill in the Sierra almost anytime!! 

        I've had many years of first hand experience trying to make a "light" bag work in shoulder (and winter) seasons in the Sierra. I prefer wearing long undies of some sort to keep the bag clean(er) and to avoid what I feel is a "clammy" feeling of skin against nylon.

        From my experience, wearing thickly insulated clothing (ie. down jacket) inside a sleeping bag makes other parts of your body (ie. legs and feet) colder. I attribute this to the heat from the core (torso) being trapped within the jacket and not warming the air space in the sleeping bag. 

        I have found that actually draping the down jacket outside the bag, or spreading it on top of my entire body between the bag, to be much more effective. Again, this is from several experiences over the years, your results may vary.

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        --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Lauren Egert wrote:
        > My apologies for the last email I just sent! It was intended to go to a friend of mine as we were debating this very issue and the efficacy of down with lots of clothes on (she was of the opinion more clothes between you and the down actually decreased the usefulness of the down) Anyway, I'm so sorry that it got sent to all of you and not my friend!
        > Lauren
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        > From: Robert rnperky@...
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        > Subject: [John Muir Trail] Re: Couple questions for June hike
        > I agree with Byron on this issue as well. A 0 degree bag is overkill for a summer hike of the JMT. Use a layering system with your clothes to increase your bags rating.
        > --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Byron Nevins byron.nevins@ wrote:
        > >
        > > My $0.02. I used to do that -- bring a "hot" (read: heavy) bag and sleep
        > > near naked inside. Then I came to my senses and slashed the weight of the
        > > bag (20 oz quilt) and wear clothes underneath. If cold enough -- I wear
        > > ALL of my clothes underneath. They aren't doing me any good sitting around
        > > outside of my bag. If you carry it - use it!
        > >

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