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Re: Question on pace from a newbie

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  • brucelem12
    +1 for Don s Red s to YV suggestion as a first hike. Though I d agree in putting some of the more southern secions highest on my favorites list, that
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      +1 for Don's Red's to YV suggestion as a first hike. Though I'd agree in putting some of the more southern secions highest on my favorites list, that northernmost section's Rosalie/Shadow/Ruby/Garnet/Thousand Island/Cathedral Lakes, and Rush Creek Basin, Donahue Pass are all marvelous. I'm sure Garnet and Thousand Island are right at the top of some people's overall JMT lists. It just depends on what you like/it's all subjective, and depending on conditions, faves change per hike. The scenery is plenty awesome between Red's and YV. :)

      A little easier as far as drastic climbs/elevation change, closer to civililization/bailouts, easier resupply, easier transportation options. To wilderness veterans, the whole JMT is an over crowded superhighway, but for those of us less experienced, even the mellowest parts can be a challenge and a dramatically awesome wilderness contrast to our everyday civilization.

      If you like it, you'll be doing more of the JMT in the future anyway, and will look forward to even more dramatic challenges. If you (or your wife) don't, there's a good chance the harder work of a more southern section would have been even less fun.

      The Valley is amazing, and as noted, seems like it would be a great treat to look forward too. Though the commercialism and crowds are in general a big negative, after a week or more of hiking, a plethora of unhealthy food choices, ( can you say Curry Village all you can eat buffet ) and hot showers waiting at the bottom of your last few miles is probably going to sound pretty appealing.

      Anyway, that's just my 2 cents...doesn't mean it's best for you, and contrary opinions have solid logic too.
      I'd suggest looking at photos along the trail in Google maps or Google Earth ( or looking through trail journals ). That will give you an idea of the scenery and if there's some area in particular that particularly captivates you.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, synaptrik <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions. At this point, I'm still leaning towards doing Red's Meadow to Yosemite Valley, mainly for the reason that I've never been to Yosemite before, and I feel like seeing Half Dome and glimpsing El Cap might be the equivalent of seeing the Eiffel Tower if you've never been to Paris.
      > So knowing that this will be my first time in Yosemite, are the sections farther south that some of you have recommended compelling enough for me to forego Yosemite Valley, or should I stick with a HI or GP terminus as a first-timer to the area?
      > Thanks again everyone!
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