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Re: recommendation for a primary insulating layer?

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  • eric
    I am still absorbing the replies i have gotten so far and it looks like their are a couple of good recommendations I need to look into, but I thought I would
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      I am still absorbing the replies i have gotten so far and it looks like their are a couple of good recommendations I need to look into, but I thought I would add some more information on what I am looking for and why.

      -I likely will continue to use the current revelcloud I own but solely for backpacking trips. I am considering buying an additional revelcloud for everyday use. Its been pointed out that I should use something sturdier for around town but nothing works better than a good technical piece of gear in my opinion. In my climate (I live on northern california's redwood coast) the still air temperature isnt too bad year-round but the moisture in the air and the wind (esp. if i ride my bike which i do daily to get to work) can make it chilly. I have found that the revelcloud works great as a single piece of fabric I can haul around and easily deploy shall I need it. I would love to use something other for this purpose if it means saving my delicate revelcloud, but I havnt found anything that has worked so well. Definitely open to suggestions.

      -Down would be great if i were solely using this for the Sierra's but with the moisture content in our back country where I live, I might not be comfortable relying on down to keep my safe. It rains a lot here, and when it doesnt rain, anything in a forested area that has gotten wet will tend to stay wet. It is VERY difficult to dry damp clothing in our wilderness. I do use down layers on other trips but it would be nice to have one primary insulation layer that I can use in any location (im trying to avoid buying multiple items if possible).

      -I think that when it comes to taking a break on the trail, I usually prefer donning a wind layer immediately since it tends to be the mountain gusts that make me chilly rather than the still air temperature by itself. I think its a good point that a wind layer may not necessary at all if i just have some breathable insulation but with a rain jacket (which I need to carry anyway) over it block wind. It slightly less convenient than just grabbing the revelcloud since I would need to dig out 2 pieces of clothing instead of one, but this shouldnt be terrible to deal with.

      I think that I should have perhaps broken this into two questions: 1) can you recommend a protective layer for hiking (the revelcloud does satisfy me for this purpose but I would like to know if there is something even better)? and 2) can you recommend a layer to wear around town for everyday use (something that can still protect again the elements to a point)?

      I appreciate the responses, I will need to put in some time researching the recommendations thus far before I can comment to much further.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "eric" <samhandwich22@...> wrote:
      > I thought that you other JMT hikers could maybe provide me with a recommendation on a sweatshirt or jacket that you enjoy using during your expeditions.
      > Last year on the JMT I used an REI revelcloud which is comparable to the more commonplace patagonia nanopuff. I absolutely love this jacket as it is ultra lightweight, packable, and windproof up to 50 mph. However, after owning it for two years, I am seeing quite a bit of wear on it, especially with the stitches which are very delicate. In fact, I have already had to re-sew some of them and minor bits of insulation are starting to seep out. Another issue is that it tends to easily get stained by dirt. This is important because I also use it in everyday settings around town and I am trying not to look like a homeless person when I socialize with peers or speak to my employer. No matter how much I wash it I can never seem to keep the dirt off of it for long and of course, washing it repeatedly is only going to destroy it more. If I buy this one again I would probably get it in black to mitigate that visibility of dirt.
      > And while I love a good down jacket, I tend to go with polyester insulated since I live in a very damp rainy climate.
      > So I am considering buying the revelcloud again but wanted to know what your other hikers used. Even a simple fleece sweatshirt with a built in windproof element would be great but with hundreds of different jacket/sweatshirt types, trying to evaluate all of them is mind boggling.
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