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RE: [John Muir Trail] Permit Question

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  • robert shattuck
    So why do they apparently let JMT hikers stay at the tm backpackers in the middle of the trip when it s against their own rules? Not to upset anyone that
    Message 1 of 65 , Feb 28, 2013

      "So why do they apparently let JMT hikers stay at the tm backpackers in the middle of the trip when it's against their own rules?"

      Not to upset anyone that wants to have a long drawn-out discussion of this topic, or delve to deeply into the specific language that the park might use, but it's always been absolutely fine to stay at the TM backpackers camp. They seem to give a lot of leeway there––just pay the fee, for the most part. 

      Over the years, I have seen many a bike-tourer parked and in there, spending he night, no problem, as well as a zillion JMT hikers that just came up from their official start in the valley. 

      The most important thing for you as a JMTer to remember is to get there early and establish a camp spot, tag your tent, pay the fee. Relax. 

      Too many people get into TM and spend all their time at the store, eating, drinking, making calls home and generally, slacking off until the sun has gone down and then they think they better get over to get a spot. 

      Guess what . . . you not only have to contend with JMTers who have a "legal" right to stay there, but also a usual late-night poacher scene . . . climbers, car campers who couldn't get a spot . . . they all seem to wander in after dark, after the about 10 p.m., all looking to stake out a small section of your spot. 

      This isn't a rampant problem, but it usually happens when you are hoping for a good nights sleep and suddenly you've got someone setting up right next to you, in your paid for spot. they don't pay, they crash and they're gone in the morning, with so much stealth you might have thought you dreamed all that noise and headlamps. 


    • Barbara Karagosian
      I don t think that Yosemite can give out Sierra NF permits. Different agencies. I don t know if they ask for everyone s names and IDs. Just the trip
      Message 65 of 65 , Aug 23, 2014
        I don't think that Yosemite can give out Sierra NF permits. Different agencies. 
        I don't know if they ask for everyone's names and IDs. Just the trip leader/permit holder when you pick it up I think. 

        On Aug 23, 2014, at 8:53 AM, "alyssarainbolt@... [johnmuirtrail]" <johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


        My friend is meeting me at Muir Trail Ranch, but will be in the Valley with me when I'm starting the trail. Can she just pick up her permit with me, and skip getting her permit from Sierra National Forest? 

        I know she wouldn't have a problem getting her permit when she's starting. Here is the reason I'm asking: I have another friend meeting me at Tuolumne and hiking until Red's Meadow. I'm trying to gauge how bad it would be if Amanda and I got a permit in the Valley, Amanda left and went home, I started hiking and met Sarah in Tuolumne and she hiked using Amanda's name. Then, when Amanda meets me at MTR, we're good to go. 

        Is that bad?? Will I get in trouble if I start hiking with just one person on a two person permit? Will Sarah get away with using that permit instead of waiting an entire day at Tuolumne? She doesn't have time to come up the day before we start hiking. Would love any insight!! Thanks!

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